Understanding Reporting on the Campaigns Dashboard

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The Campaigns dashboard in Demandbase Advertising reports on the performance of your company’s advertising investments. The dashboard provides insight to metrics for measuring campaign performance. This includes impressions and click-through rate (CTR) as well as information about accounts visiting and showing repeated interest in your website.

For more information about the Campaigns dashboard, see:

To access the Campaigns dashboard, from the left navigation bar, go to Advertising.png Advertising

Baseline Filters

The top of the Campaigns dashboard helps you focus on the campaign results that interest you. You can filter by the following parameters:

  • Date range of the campaigns that you want to analyze
  • Campaign status
    • All statuses
    • Watched by me (typically the campaigns that matter most to you and provide you frequent updates)
    • Active campaigns (campaigns in progress)
    • Pending campaigns (published campaigns that haven’t reached their start dates)
    • Paused campaigns (campaigns that were paused so that users can review results, actualize, or edit before relaunching)
    • Draft campaigns (campaigns that need to be published)
    • Ended campaigns (campaigns that have used up allocated budgets or have reached the defined end dates)
    • Archived campaigns (campaigns that users archived)
  • Current or Lifetime Audience
    • Lifetime audience includes reporting on every account that was served at least one impression during the selected campaign(s) or is currently on the account list.
    • Current audience includes accounts on your list that are currently targeted by the selected campaign(s).
  • Labels applied to campaigns
    • Select multiple labels to find campaigns with any of the selected labels applied. See Manage Campaign Labels

Advanced Filters

The Campaigns dashboard includes a customizable filter for focusing on activity on specific pages of your website. Click More in the top right to open the More Filters window and select the web pages to include or exclude from ad campaign reporting. See Include or Exclude Web Pages in Campaign Reporting.

Tip: The advanced filters that you save appear as entries in the Saved filters drop-down list.


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