FAQs: Campaign Insights

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How do I set up myself and others within my organization to receive Campaign Insight emails?

You can designate email recipients when you create a campaign by entering names in the Add watchers field of Step 1 in the Advertising self-serve Campaign Builder. If you want to add (or remove) people from the email list of a campaign that's already launched, see Set Up Campaign Insights for a Published Campaign.

Once a campaign goes live, how soon will Demandbase start generating Campaign Insight emails?

In order to ensure there is enough data, we send Campaign Insights out for campaigns that have been live for seven days or more.

If I add recipients to Campaign Insights who don’t have access to Demandbase One, can they receive emails?

A user without access to Demandbase One can still receive Campaign Insights. If they click the Dive into your campaign performance button at the bottom of the Campaign Insights email, a web browser opens to Demandbase One and asks them to sign in. They must contact the Campaign Manager to receive access to Demandbase One and campaign reporting. Demandbase One Admins can also proactively set up Campaign Insights recipients with access to Demandbase One so they can dive into campaign performance.

What if I no longer want to receive Campaign Insight emails?

There are two ways to remove yourself from the notification list:

  • At the bottom of a Campaign Insight email, click the Unsubscribe From This List link. Clicking the link removes you from all Campaign Insight email recipient lists indefinitely.
  • On the Campaign settings page of each campaign from which you want to unsubscribe, remove yourself from the Watchers list.

If I opt out of Campaign Insights in Q1, can I receive them in Q2?

To opt out for just one quarter or from a single campaign, we recommend that you unsubscribe on the Campaign settings pane of a campaign by editing the Watchers list. Clicking the Unsubscribe From This List link removes you from all Campaign Insight email recipient lists indefinitely.

What are the metrics available in a Campaign Insight email?

Each of the following metrics is based on the previous week's activity.

Metric Name Definition
Accounts reached Number of accounts served at least one impression
Accounts clicked Number of accounts that have clicked on the creative
Lifted accounts

Percentage change between the average number of pageviews (per day) among targeted accounts during the period defined by the Campaigns dashboard date picker and the average for those accounts in the 30 days prior to the campaign launch

Impressions Number of impressions served
Spend Total campaign spend

How frequently does Demandbase send out Campaign Insight emails?

Demandbase sends out the emails every Monday.

What is considered to be the previous week’s activity?

The previous week is defined as last Monday to the following Sunday.

If I’m running multiple campaigns, is there a way to get a single email with all the available metrics?

If you’re running multiple campaigns and have set up Campaign Insights, the email will contain a rollup of the metrics. This is similar to how you review rollup reporting on the Campaigns dashboard.

When I click the Dive into your campaign performance button located at the bottom of an insight email, where does it take me within Advertising?

After you click Dive into your campaign performance, you land within Advertising. The window displays the Campaigns page, which is filtered to show only the campaigns that you’re watching.

When I’m viewing campaign reporting, how do I know which campaigns generate Campaign Insight emails for me?

An easy way to see which active campaigns are set up for Campaign Insights is to select Watched by me from the Campaign status drop-down filter.


If I pause a campaign, will the Campaign Insights pause as well?

If you paused a campaign within the previous week’s date range, Demandbase still sends a Campaign Insight email during the current week. If there is no spend activity during the date range, no email is generated.

What does the subject line of the emails say?

"Demandbase Campaign Insights for the week of [ . . . the date of the first day of the week here, such as December 19, 2022.]"

What email address do Campaign Insights come from?


What if I don't receive the emails that I'm subscribed to in my inbox?

Sometimes Campaign Insight emails are flagged as spam. To avoid this, we suggest that you add campaign-insights@demandbase.com as a safe email sender and classify it as not spam in your email system.

You also won’t receive Campaign Insight emails if the campaign has been paused and there has been no spend activity.

What does a Campaign Insight email look like?

While the design of the the email is subject to change, currently it looks similar to this:


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