Set Up Campaign Insights for a Published Campaign

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Campaign Insight emails provide a weekly snapshot into the performance of your account-based advertising campaigns. The automated emails are sent on Mondays and capture the past seven days of activity across these key metrics: 

  • Accounts reached
  • Accounts clicked
  • Accounts lifted
  • Ad campaign spend
  • Impressions served

Tip: See FAQs: Campaign Insights for more information about how this Advertising solution feature works.

Email recipients can click through to campaign reporting in Demandbase Advertising to dive deeper into the data. Demandbase refers to the recipients of Campaign Insight emails as watchers.

A watcher list can be compiled when you use the self-serve Campaign Builder:

  • When you build a campaign, you're automatically enrolled as a watcher by default.
  • You can add people to the watcher list in Step 1 of the Campaign Builder. To add people to the list, select their names in the Add watchers drop-down list. See Build an Advertising Campaign for further information.

But you might decide to expand the watchers list after you launch the campaign. Alternatively, you might want to remove people from the list. To change the recipients of Campaign Insight emails for a published campaign, follow the steps below.


You must have access to the Demandbase Advertising.

Tip: Ensure that the people who you want to add as Campaign Insight recipients are set up for Demandbase access. Without Demandbase access, people who receive the email notifications see only a summary of campaign activity—they can’t view the detailed campaign data referenced and linked to in the emails. See Manage Users and Roles to learn how to add users.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Advertising.png Advertising.
  2. On the Campaigns tab: Hover over a campaign name, click the gear icon cogwheel_purple_on_white_background.png that appears, and select Edit campaign to open the Campaign Summary window.
  3. Click Watchers in the Campaign Summary.
  4. In the Add watchers drop-down list: Select users who you want to add to the recipient list. If a user isn't in the list, you can type the user's email address to add them. To remove a user from the watcher list, click the X by the name.



Below is an example of a Campaign Insight email. To access campaign reporting in Advertising from the email, click Dive into your campaign performance at the bottom of the email.


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