Getting Started with Journey Stages

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Journey Stages show an account's progression throughout its Account Based Marketing (ABM) journey with your company. For example, Aware > Engaged > Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) > Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Opportunity > Pipeline > Closed-Won.

Important: An account can be in only one Journey Stage at a time.

To edit Journey Stages, see Edit and Publish Account Journey Stages.

To watch a video about Journey Stages, see Working with Journey Stages (Video)

Access the Account Journey Builder

You can find your company’s journey stages on the Account Journey Builder page.

From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings > Journey > Account Journey Builder, and click Global Journey.


How Journey Stages Are Defined

Account Journeys are defined by:

  • Stage Criteria: Each stage is defined by the Selector criteria in the Account Journey Builder.
  • Stage Order: Journey stages are numbered from top to bottom to reflect the account journey through the funnel. But the stage of an account is calculated in the reverse order, from bottom to top of the journey funnel. See How Accounts Get Mapped to Journey Stages for details.

Demandbase Out-of-the-Box Journey Stages

Demandbase provides the following out-of-the-box Journey Stages to help you setup your journey funnel:

  1. All Other: Accounts that are not showing engagement and don’t qualify for any other stage. 
  2. Qualified: Accounts with a Qualification Score greater than or equal to 70.
  3. Aware: Accounts with a high intent strength in the last 30 days.
  4. Engaged: Accounts with greater than or equal to 10 Engagement Minutes in the past 3 months.
  5. MQA (Marketing Qualified Accounts): Accounts with a Pipeline Predict Score greater than or equal to 85 percent, or Marketing Engagement Minutes greater than or equal to 100 in the past 3 months.
  6. Opportunity: Accounts with at least one open opportunity.
  7. Customer: Customer accounts with at least one closed won opportunity.

How Accounts Get Mapped to Journey Stages

When determining which Journey Stage an account belongs to, Demandbase evaluates each of the stages in a bottom-to-top direction of the Journey funnel. Accounts can only be in one stage at a time, so calculating from bottom-to-top makes sure the account is in the most advanced stage in the funnel.


Tip: Accounts may not progress through the funnel in a linear fashion. They may even skip stages entirely. For example, an account could express interest in your product, then lose engagement, only to leap to an open Opportunity stage. 

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