Understanding Multiple Journeys

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Multiple Account Journeys allows you to create and define multiple Journey funnels for different products and business units in your company. In each Journey funnel, you can see where your target accounts are within the customer journey and gain insights to strategically move those accounts forward.  

See Getting Started with Journey Stages and Understanding Multiple Journeys Navigation.

To learn more, see the New Features: Multiple Journeys course at Demandbase Academy. 

Important: The number of Journey funnels depends on your ABX package edition:

  • Professional: 1 Journey funnel
  • Enterprise: 3 Journey funnels
  • Elite: 5 Journey funnels

You can purchase additional Journey funnels but no more than five Journey funnels can be created per tenant. If you’re unsure about your package edition, contact your CSM for more information.

Organizing Data in Multiple Journeys

Here are some examples of how you can organize your data for Multiple Journeys:

  • Journeys by Account Type (Enterprise, Mid-Market)
  • Journeys by Account Industry (Retail, Finance, Software)
  • Journeys by Account Region (APAC, EU, Americas)
  • Journeys by Product (Product A, Product B)

Mj Chart.png

Features and Settings Available for Multiple Journeys

Multiple Journeys is available for the following features and settings:  


  • Journey summary page (account list and individual account page) 
  • Volume, Velocity, and Conversion pages
  • Selectors


  • Company Settings > Opportunity Configurations
  • Journey > Account Journey Builder


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