Understanding Multiple Journey Navigation

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By default, the Journeys section in Analytics is set to the Global Journey funnel. Use the top left Journey drop-down list to switch between Journey funnels. Once a Journey funnel is selected, you can see how your target accounts are performing across each of the Journey Stages in that specific funnel. 

See Understanding the Journeys Summary Page.


  • You must be licensed for Multiple Journeys to have access to the Journey drop-down list. 
  • You can only access the Multiple Journey drop-down list and data in the Journeys Summary, Volume, Velocity, and Conversion dashboards. 

Understanding MJ .png

Use Multiple Journeys as Selectors

You can include Multiple Journeys data when using selectors in Demandbase. See Working with Selectors

  1. In the selector module, click the Advanced tab.
  2. Choose a Journey field selector.
    Important: Each Journey funnel is shown in brackets [] after the field name. For example, Journey Stage [Product A].  
    MJ Selector.png
  3. Choose an operator and value
  4. Click Save.

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