Understanding the Journey Volume Dashboard

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The Volume page in the Analytics section provides a dashboard that shows you the Volume metric for each of your defined Journey Stages. The Volume for a Journey Stage represents the number of times accounts transitioned into that stage from any of the previous stages during the selected date range.

To access the Volume page, from the left navigation bar, go to Analytics.png Analytics > Volume. After you select an account list, you can use the date range selector and quick filters at the top of the page to update the data shown. 

Tip: You can also access the page by clicking a stage under the Total Volume metric in the Journeys page.

For more information about the Volume page, see:

Journey Stage Volume


The Journey Stage Volume section shows the number of forward transitions into a selected stage during the selected date range. The number includes repeated transitions into a stage for the same account. It does not include backward transitions into a stage. For example, if an account moved backwards from the Meeting stage to the MQA stage, it would not be included in the Volume number for the MQA stage.

To customize the view for the data shown, you can change the time period to Day, Week, or Month. You can also select another account field from the drop-down list to see accounts grouped by that field.


Journey Heatmap


The Journey Heatmap allows you to view Volume data at a glance. The number of account transitions are shown in the heatmap in boxes, with darker boxes indicating higher numbers. The data shown in the heatmap updates when you make selections in the Journey Stage Volume section.

To change the Row and Column account fields, select one of the following preset options from the drop-down list.

  • Owner/Industry
  • Owner/Type
  • Owner/State

To use other account fields, click Custom and select them from the Rows and Columns drop-down list.


Journey Table


The Journey Table includes the Accounts and Stage Transitions tabs. The data shown in the table updates when you make selections in the Journey Stage Volume section and Journey Heatmap.

The Accounts tab table includes the following columns by default:

  • Account Name
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Billing State/Province
  • Number or Persons
  • Engaged People
  • Days in Journey Stage

The Stage Transitions tab table includes the following columns by default:

  • Account Name
  • Stage Name
  • Entered Stage At
  • Previous Stage Name
  • Days in Previous Stage


  • To add, remove, or reorder the columns in the table, click Edit Columns.
  • To export the list in CSV format, click Export.

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