What is an Engagement Minute?

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Engagement describes something fundamental about the customer’s connection to your brand: Higher degrees of engagement mean a deeper commitment. More time. More emotion. More of a relationship. More activity – such as buying and advocating. In short: engagement matters.

In Demandbase, you can use Engagement Minutes to track the level of interaction your target accounts have with your company. The interactions you track should include an account's response to your marketing programs, visit to your website, use of your product, and conversation with your sales team. By combining these interactions at both the individual and account level, you can get a good sense of the amount of engagement your accounts have with your company.

An Engagement Minute is not an actual minute of engagement – it is a score to help measure the amount of engagement an account has with your company. The only instance an Engagement Minute is associated with a measure of time is for tracking the actual minutes spent attending a meeting.

The concept of Engagement Minutes can be set up in a similar fashion as your lead scoring model. The difference is that the interactions tracked for leads and contacts will be aggregated at the account level. In marketing automation platforms, you are typically constrained to looking at a single lead or contact at a time. Since Demandbase Engagement Minutes aggregate at the account level (which includes leads that have been matched to the account as well as existing contacts), you’ll have a more accurate picture of what is happening for an entire account.

Imagine going to the head of sales to show that engagement for target accounts increased 122% this quarter. And imagine being able to drill into the data to show the specific sales territories, industry segments, and personas with the biggest growth. This is certainly a sign that things in the middle of the funnel are progressing in the right direction!

With this insight, you can identify Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA's). Identify which are the most engaged accounts and alert sales about any accounts whose engagement is spiking up or down versus their recent trend.

At Demandbase, we think that account-level engagement is a better indicator of potential buying activity than individual lead scores which is why we use Engagement Minutes.

The following example shows accounts in an account list ranked by Engagement Minutes for the past 3 months.


Engagement is the foundation of Demandbase One and it’s how we track interactions across the Buying Committee. Engagement Minutes are built from activities aggregated from different data sources and classified into two categories: Sales and Marketing

Sales Marketing
  • Email Integration
  • Inbound Emails
  • Meetings (Actual Minutes)
  • Salesforce Events and Tasks
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • General Sales Activity
  • Salesforce Campaigns or Marketo Programs
  • Marketing Automation
  • Form Submissions
  • Email Opens and Clicks
  • Known Web Activity
  • Demandbase Tracking Script
  • Anonymous Web Activity
  • Demandbase Keyword Intent
  • Intent Keywords
  • Bombora
  • Intent Surges

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