Submitting Ad Creatives to Demandbase

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Demandbase supports a variety of ad formats (such as display, native, and video) using different types of creatives that meet a set of specifications suited for the ad format. Depending on the type of creative, there are different routes to submit creatives to your Creative Library for use in advertising campaigns. The process depends on what type of creative that you want to use and whether you rely on an Advertising Campaign Strategist (ACS) to build your campaign.

If you use self-serve Advertising, you can upload many types of creatives for non-personalized ads directly through the Campaign Builder.

Use the following table to determine how to prepare and submit your ad creatives, along with the general time frames for Demandbase to process your submissions. Turnaround time starts from when your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or ACS passes along your creative to the ad production group.

Advertising Method Type of Ad Ad Format Submission Procedure Turnaround Time to Launch Availability

Self-serve Advertising


Desktop, Mobile, Static

Upload in the Campaign Builder as described in Upload Display Creatives.

Immediately available to use in campaigns after successful upload of creatives. No processing time required.

Self-serve Advertising


Video, Native

Submit creatives designed to the Non-Personalized Ad Specifications to your CSM.

24–48 hours.

Self-serve Advertising


Desktop, Mobile

Follow the Personalized Ad Banner Specifications to design your ads and submit them with the Personalized Creative Request Form. (You must be logged in to Demandbase to open the request form.)

Varies. 3–5 business days until the creative is ready for your review.

ACS or Managed Services

Non-Personalized and Personalized

Desktop, Mobile, Video, Connected TV, Native, Static

Submit creatives to your ACS that follow either the Non-Personalized or Personalized ad specifications. 

24–48 hours.

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