Best Practices for Creating Known Person Lists for Ad Targeting

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When targeting ads to known people, you must first create a Person List. We recommend using the following selectors when building a Person List. See  Understanding People-Based Advertising and Create Person Lists.

Important: For Demandbase Advertising, a Person List must have at least 100 Lead and/or Contact records with unique email addresses. 

Use Advanced Selectors

Use advanced selectors to build Person Lists and target the correct people. See Working with Selectors.

Important: While building a Person List, click the refresh_icon.pngrefresh icon as you add selectors to calculate the total number of people who meet the criteria. You can also see the list of people by going to the Person List > List tab.

Filter by Account List

Demandbase targets ads to people that are related to accounts. To see the actual number of people in an account list, use the Member of Account List selector.     

From Commonly Used Fields, choose Member of List and select the same Account List from step 3 in Campaign Builder: Strategy. 

Filter by Email Availability

To target Known People, make sure the person record has an email address. 

From Person Fields, choose Email and set operator to Exists

Filter by Detailed Personal Information

You may want to use personal data such as Title or Role from your CRM, MAS, and CSV to target people with relevant job titles. 

From Person Fields, choose Title or Role and select desired title or role. 

Tip: You can also use Demandbase Job Level and Functions and Buying Groups

PErson list.png

Use Merged Fields

If you have multiple integrations, use merged fields to see the most accurate data. See Understanding Fields for more information. 

The following are examples of merged fields: 

  • Account Name 
  • Billing Country 
  • Industry 

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