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For most companies, the People database is so large that Demandbase users need to create subgroups of Person lists to make the records manageable.

Tip: You can create folders to organize and manage your lists. See Create and Manage Folders for Account, Person, and Opportunity Lists.


In Demandbase, you must have Lead and/or Contact records from a customer relationship management system (CRM), marketing automation system (MAS), or CSV import.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Dynamics View List Type:

To link your Demandbase person list to a Dynamics View, you must grant permissions to the integration user. See Steps: (Optional) Share View to Create an Account or Person List using a Dynamics View for instructions. 


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Database_N.png Database > Person Lists and click Create New.
  2. Enter a name for your Person List.
  3. Select an option in the List Type drop-down list:
    • Dynamic list: List automatically updates as people fit or don’t fit the Selector criteria. See Working with Selectors
    • D365 view: List uses Leads and Contacts from Microsoft Dynamics View. 
    • HubSpot list: List uses HubSpot People List. 
    • SFDC report:  List uses Leads and Contacts from Salesforce Reports. 
    • SFDC view:  List uses Leads and Contacts from Salesforce View. 
    • Static: List does not update automatically. People are manually added and deleted from the list. 
  4. Select the access level in the Visibility drop-down list:
    • Public: Visible to everyone in your company.
    • Private: Visible only to the creator of the list and Demandbase Admins. 
  5. Click Create List.


You can use the People list in areas such as Person Dashboard, People database, reports, and filters. See Understanding the Demandbase Database.

If you want to make changes to the list or set up notifications, click the top right three dots to open a menu of options.

















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