Understanding Integration Data Sync Settings

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The Data Sync section under each integration allows you to specify how frequently Demandbase checks for updates to sync from your integrations. 

Data Sync Settings Overview 

The Data Sync tab allows you to select how often Demandbase checks for updates to sync data from your CRM, Marketing Automation System (MAS), intent, ad network, and sales platform integrations.

From the left navigation bar, go to Settings N.png Settings > Integrated Systems > Integrations. Click the name of an integration and click the Data Sync tab. To adjust the sync frequency, select an option from the drop-down list in the Sync Settings column next to the object. We highly recommend you keep the default settings. 

You can see the sync status for each integration by clicking Go to Data Sync Settings at the top of the page. 


  • The sync frequencies configured on the Data Sync page determine how often the Demandbase APIs check for new or updated data. The actual time for data to sync and be available is dependent on data volume, previously queued sync processes, and the schedules outlined in Understanding Demandbase Data Availability.
  • When configuring your sync frequency, be sure to consider the API quota for the platforms you integrate with.
  • Demandbase only syncs data from fields you make accessible to your integration user.

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Default Data Sync Settings

The following tables show the default sync settings for each integration listed. 


Object Default Value
Contacts and Activities 10 min


Object Default Value
Hubspot Objects 10 min


Object Default Value
Leads and Activities 12 Hours
Rarely Modified Objects (Program Name, Channel etc.)  24 Hours
Activity Reconcile 2 Hours

Microsoft Dynamics

Object Default Value
System User 12 hours
Contact 30 min
Campaign 2 hours
Activity 2 hours
Opportunity 30 min
Lead 30 min
Account 30 min


Object Default Value
Contact Changes 6 hours
New Contacts 30 min
User, Campaign, and Report 30 min
Opportunity History 4 hours

Opportunity Contact Role

4 hours


5 min

Campaign Member

5 min

Delete Objects

2 hours

Account Changes

6 hours

New Accounts

30 min

Rarely Modified Objects

24 hours


30 min


5 min

Lead Changes

6 hours 

New Leads

30 min


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