Manage Person and Opportunities Lists

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After you create person or opportunity lists, you can take various actions to manage your lists. For example, you can favorite lists to find them more quickly or delete lists you longer need.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Database_N.png Database > Person Lists or Opportunities Lists.
  2. From the table on the Person Lists or Opportunity Lists page, select the checkbox for a list.
    Tip: Use the available filters and search box to find lists more quickly.
  3. Click Take action and select an available action.
    • Make Favorite: Select to add the list as a favorite.
      Tip: Favorited lists appear at the top of the drop-down list for selecting Person or Opportunity lists in Analytics.
    • Unfavorite: Select to remove the list as a favorite.
    • Make Public: Select to make the list public. Demandbase requires you to confirm before making the list public.
      Important: After you make a list public, you cannot make it private again.
    • Delete: Select to delete the list. Demandbase requires you to confirm before deleting the list.
    • Add to folder: Select to add the list to a folder. See Create and Manage Folders for Account, Person, and Opportunity Lists.
    • Duplicate List: Select to duplicate the list. You can enter a new name and description for the list.

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