Reference: Buying Roles for Buying Groups

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You can assign one or more of the predefined buying roles shown below to a persona when defining a buying group. Using buying roles for your personas helps ensure consistency across different buying groups.

To see the buying roles in Demandbase, from the left navigation bar, go to Settings N.png Settings > Buyer Profiles > Buying Roles.

Important: The following predefined buying roles cannot be edited or deleted and you cannot create additional buying roles.

Buying Role Description
Approver A person responsible for reviewing and authorizing purchasing decisions and transactions to ensure compliance, accuracy, and alignment with organizational guidelines.
Blocker A person who can impede or halt the sales process.
Budget Holder A person who controls the budget allocated for purchasing the product/service.
Champion A person who is an enthusiastic supporter and advocates for your product/service within their organization.
Decision-Maker A person who ultimately makes the final purchase decision.
End-User A person who will be using your product/service.
Executive Sponsor A person in the executive group who supports and influences the decision-making process.
Gatekeeper A person who controls access to key stakeholders and decision-makers within the organization.
Influencer A person who has the ability to sway other members of the buying committee
Initiator A person who initiates the buying process within the organization.
Technical Expert A person who provides technical expertise and guidance during the evaluation and implementation stages.

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