Understanding People-Based Advertising

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People-based advertising sharpens the focus of your ad campaigns by prioritizing people at the accounts based on people attributes. If a person matches one or more of the attributes you selected, the Demandbase DSP prioritizes the impression to them. See Campaign Builder Step 4: Strategy for instructions on adding people-based attributes.

You can select one or more of the following attributes:

  • Contacts you already know (also referred to as Known People)
  • Job level
  • Job function
  • Persona (a mix of the person’s job level and job function)

People-based advertising supports a flexible “mix and match” approach to targeting. You can select multiple attributes (including attributes in the same category) and all attributes are weighted equally. 

Once you launch the campaign, the Campaigns dashboard table shows ad engagement metrics specifically for accounts with the people you targeted. See Analyze People-Based Advertising Campaign Results for how to view reports for people-based advertising campaigns.


  • You can only edit attributes while the campaign is in draft mode. 
  • All people-based targeting attributes are optional when building a campaign.

Targeting Known People

You can prioritize campaign spend on known people synced from your CRM or Marketing Automation System. You must first create a Person List in Demandbase before you can use the list as an attribute. See Create Person Lists for Known People Ad Targeting for instructions. 

We recommend creating a separate Person List for each campaign that uses known people. While the Person List can’t be changed or removed after a campaign is published, you can change the selector criteria for the list at any time. By having a separate Person List for each campaign, you can change the criteria of the list without impacting other campaigns.

Important: Known people require the person’s email address.

Targeting by Job Level and Job Function 

You can target people using one or more job levels and job functions. If you select multiple attributes, all people that match the specific job level or job function are targeted.  Demandbase compares job levels and job functions with the information available in the Demandbase database. See Reference: Job Level and Job Function Categorization for the list of job levels and job functions. 

Tip: Job level and job function data is available in the Campaign Performance page even if you don’t select it as an attribute.

Targeting by Persona

You can target people that match a job level AND job function using the persona attribute. Persona-based targeting is more focused than using individual job levels or job functions since the person must qualify for both values. 

Persona data is distributed among the Job Functions and Job Levels tabs in the Campaign Performance page. We omit stand-alone persona metrics to safeguard the online privacy of the campaign audience.  

Important: When using persona, both job level and job function must have a value. 

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