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You can target ads to people who Demandbase associates with certain job levels and job functions. The Campaign Builder of Demandbase Advertising lets you select from a range of categories for each of the two job dimensions. 

The job level and job function categories that you can select for people-based advertising mirror the job information taxonomy from Demandbase Sales Intelligence. In fact, the Advertising solution uses Sales Intelligence records to check if people associated with accounts on your list possess the targeted attribute (a job level or function that you selected to reach in the ad campaign) when the Demandbase DSP determines whether to prioritize an impression.

See Understanding Match Rates to learn more about how Sales Intelligence collects job roles and other information about people. 

Job Levels

The following table provides information about the criteria used to designate that a person belongs to a particular job level. In the “Examples” column, we list a few sample job titles that are commonly associated with each level.

Job Level Short Description Examples
(generally applies to anyone who has “Chief . . . Officer” in their job title)
High-ranking executives who typically wield the most power and influence in an organization.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Senior Executive Decisionmakers in a management team who can set major policies in a company but who serve under C-level people.



Executive Vice President

Managing Director

Vice President Company leaders who direct specific departments, often with strategic initiatives to stay competitive with other businesses.

Vice President

Senior Vice President

Director Senior managers who oversee an aspect of an organization, create business strategies, and propose implementation methods. They frequently serve as liaisons between department staff and higher-ranking leadership.


Assistant Director

Manager People who supervise lower-level staff of a department. They also plan and evaluate department activities while ensuring safety, security, and legal safeguards are in place throughout operations.


Assistant Manager



Other/Individual Contributor People whose role doesn’t fit into any of the job levels described above or aren’t employed in a traditional company hierarchy.





Board Member Member of a committee who jointly supervises the activities of an organization, based on governmental regulations and the organization’s own constitution and by-laws

Chair of the Board

Board Member




Job Functions

The following table defines the job functions that belong to the Sales Intelligence taxonomy and can be selected as targeted attributes in people-based advertising. In the “Examples” column, we list a few sample job titles that are commonly held by people working in each job function.

Job Function Common Work Responsibilities Examples
Sales Sell products, generate leads, determine pricing schedules, network with purchase decision-makers, represent company to marketplace Sales Representative, Chief Sales Officer, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Chief Sales Officer, Head of Retail, Vice President of Client Services, Realtors
Marketing Plan, create, or execute marketing campaigns; market research; public relations; brand establishment Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Digital Marketer, Advertising Director, Media Planner, Campaign Analyst, Communications Manager, Public Affairs Officer
Academics Teaching, academic advising, curriculum development, research for educational purposes, school-based job placement services Teacher, School Principal, Professor, Dean, E-Learning Specialist, Researcher
Accounting and Finance Monitor or manage flow of money, collections, financial auditing or analysis, accounting, budgeting, risk analysis, taxes

Controller, Treasurer, Auditor, Finance/Risk Analyst


Public Sector: Governing, policy-making

Private Sector: Support functioning of offices and businesses by performing clerical duties, communicating with external parties, overseeing facilities

Public Sector: Mayor, Governor, Director of Administration

Private Sector: Office Manager, Secretary, Coordinator
Business Development Identify prospects, cultivate leads through the sales cycle, form price quotes, research and advocacy of new business opportunities Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, Business Area Manager, Export Area Manager, Sales Development Representative
Construction Engineering Manage or design construction projects; prepare feasibility surveys; monitor construction budgets; oversee safety and compliance at construction sites

Construction Manager
On Site Engineer
Civil Engineer

Consulting Provide expertise and advice to any organization for the improvement of work processes or strategy

Consulting Partner
Consulting CEO

Customer Support Address customer issues and resolve them, conduct surveys about customer satisfaction, track KPIs

Call Center Manager
Customer Support Rep.
Customer Care Manager
Help Desk Manager

Human Resources Recruit and onboard staff, training, manage employee benefits, maintain workplace diversity

Chief People Officer
Human Resources Partner
Talent Acquisition Manager

Information Technology Implement, manage, or support computing systems; troubleshoot technical difficulties; forecast technical needs

Chief Technology Officer
Digital & Information Officer
Solutions Architect
Software Developer
Network Administrator

Investment Management Financial planning, portfolio management, underwriting, manage trading activities of investment funds

Wealth Advisor
Portfolio Manager
Mortgage Underwriter
Treasury Fund Manager

Legal Litigation, legal advice, provide counsel, negotiations with external parties, adjudication in courts and arbitration, parole monitoring

Chief Compliance Officer
Litigation Partner
Probation Law Enforcement
Trademark Manager
Grants Officer

Logistics Supervise operations involving supply chain, communicate and coordinate with suppliers, plan logistics Supply Chain Officer, Director of Inventory & Logistics,
Distribution Analyst
Operations Purchase materials, plan inventory, oversee warehouse efficiency, ensure company buildings meet health and safety requirements

Chief Operating Officer
Director of Infrastructure
Facilities Manager

Purchasing and Procurement

Spot and select suppliers, create vendor lists, evaluate price quotes and terms & conditions, manage contracts

Chief Procurement Officer, Head of Sourcing, Head of Buying, Lead Material Handler, Material Management Specialist
Quality Assurance Test, inspect, monitor, or propose measures to correct or improve a company’s final products; improve quality with training, documentation, or audits

Chief Quality Officer
Quality Control Team Lead
Quality Improvement Specialist
Quality Assurance Tester

Research and Development Research, plan, or implement new protocols for product or services development Chief Innovation Officer, President of Research and Development, Research Data Analyst, Clinical Research Manager
Safety and Security Maintain safety, create security policies or procedures, investigate threats. This function includes roles with the military, law enforcement, fire prevention, and private security. Chief Security Officer
Customs Officer
Police Officer
Fire Captain
Prison Warden


Note: This category can’t be selected for targeting, but it appears in reported campaign results.
Perform responsibilities that don’t belong in any of the functional categories described above. (Any job title outside the scope of the areas listed above)

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