Understanding Activities, Intent, Engagement, and Data

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Activities reside in the Demandbase database DatabaseIcon.png, which you can access from the left navigation bar. They are one of four main types of data: Accounts, People, Opportunities, and Activities. 

An activity is something that a person at an account does to engage with your company. It could be an interaction with your sales team or a digital interaction, such as reading a white paper. Generally, activities are something that a person from an account does that demonstrates interest or engagement with your company. With the right amount and kinds of activities, a prospect may convert to an opportunity. 

You don’t have to set up activities separately. Demandbase starts automatically importing activities, once integrations are set up. There are five main sources of activities:


As you can see, Intent is only a subset of activities. Intent shows interest in your company, but only in a very specific way, by an account researching specific keyword sets or topics, as they’re referred to in Bombora Intent.


Engagement is a more general term, which refers to all the avenues accounts have to show interest in your company.

Engagement Minutes are how you measure engagement in Demandbase (See Set Up Engagement Minutes). Because Engagement Minutes measure different activities, you can see the different types of activities at SettingsCropped.png Settings > Analytics > Engagement Minutes. (Engagement Minutes are not actually minutes, but a value that you assign relative to actual meeting minutes. See Engagement Minute Categories and Activity Types.) There are a few activities that can represent something that a salesperson does, such as a weekly call, but the best practice is to assign engagement minutes only to what the account does. 


Activities in the Database

From the left navigation bar, you can see DatabaseIcon.png Database > Activities and the Activity Filters you have created for them. The Activities list gives the company, the person who performed the activity, their title if it’s known, the type of activity, some details about the activity (such as a page they visited), engagement minutes if you assigned them, and the date. The Activity Filters are saved filters, which you can use to filter on things like keyword strength, industry, activity date, or location. 

Activity Analytics

You can find insight concerning Activities on our Analytics.png Analytics pages, from the Analytics icon on the left Navigation bar.

See the Engagement page, for example, where the Heatmap summarizes Activities, color shaded from high to low activity. The rows of the table frequently span more than one page. You can use the Search function above the right side of the Activities table to look for matching entries in the following table columns:

  • Account Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Title
  • Type (channel of activity)
  • Details (typically associated ad campaign name, email address, or Web page)

The table at the bottom of the page shows Activities, by default, but People, Accounts, and Custom tabs are also available.



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