Import or Reimport Account or Opportunity Data from a CSV File

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Use CSV files to add and update database records for accounts or opportunities. 

For each field in a merged account record (a record with multiple sources), Demandbase prioritizes the data sources in the following order (depending on the data available):

  1. CRM data
  2. CSV data
  3. Demandbase data

CRM data overrides CSV and Demandbase data, and CSV data overrides Demandbase data.


You must have Administrative privileges to perform data imports.

For Accounts Imports

Your Accounts CSV file must have these fields:

  • Account Domain or Account Name

These fields are optional for accounts:

  • Owner (Email preferred or Name)
  • Phone Number
  • Employees
  • Annual Revenue
  • Industry
  • Custom fields

Important: Owner fields are recommended and can have either a person's name or email address. Including an email address is preferred because having the account domain drastically increases match rates. It also makes the owner eligible for snapshot subscriptions that you can configure on the Auto-Create Account Lists settings page. See Set Up Auto-Create Account Lists.

For Opportunity Imports

Your Opportunities CSV file must have these fields:

  • Opportunity ID (key)
  • Opportunity Name
  • Account Name
  • Type
  • Account Domain
  • Created Date (Format: month-day-year)
  • Owner (Assigned owner email of opportunity)
  • Stage (Current for Opportunity)
  • Probability
  • CloseDate (Format: month-day-year)
  • IsClosed
  • IsWon
  • Amount


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Database_N.png Database and select Accounts > Data Import or Opportunities > Data Import.
  2. Click Import Data.
  3. In the Import Data window, enter a Data Import Name, click Browse to select the CSV file to upload, and click Import Data.
    Tip: Click Download .csv template to download a file with the required columns.

Tip: If you need to update your imported data, go to Accounts > Data Import or Opportunities > Data Import, click on the data import, and click Re-import Data to add a new CSV file. Demandbase updates the fields that have changed according to the same prioritization as the original import: CRM Data, CSV Data, Demandbase Data.


After Demandbase processes the CSV file, click View as Account List or View as Opportunity List to see the matched accounts or opportunities. You can also access the account and opportunity lists in the the following areas:

  • Database_N.png Database > Accounts > Account Lists or Opportunities > Opportunity List
  • Drop-down list for selecting accounts and lists in Analytics_N.png Analytics.

To see the resulting field data, from the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Fields.


Next Steps

Review the Audit Report to find discrepancies in your list and errors in your upload. The report is available for every data import or the most recent reimport and provides the results of processing each row of the import CSV file.

To download and view the report in CSV format, click View Audit Report on the List tab.

Keep in mind that Demandbase ignores CSV data if an existing account can't be found or CRM or Demandbase data already exists.

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