Understanding Permission Sets

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Permission sets allow you to configure view and edit access for each area of Demandbase. The areas are based on the menu items in the left navigation bar and the sub-sections within each area.

You can assign users to the default permission sets or permission sets you create. Assigning users to permission sets gives you more control over which areas users can access and lets you quickly update access for groups of users.

See Create and Manage Permission Sets for how to create and configure permission sets.

Access Levels

When you create a permission set, you can select the following access levels for each area:

  • Full Access: Allows view and edit access for all pages and sections in the area.
  • No Access: Prevents access to all pages in the area.
  • Limited Access: Allows view and edit access for the sub-sections selected. For some sub-sections, you can limit access to view only or limit the items that can be edited.
    Important: For view only access, select the View Only option. Selecting both the View Only and Can Edit options allows both view and edit access. 

You can also toggle on Make Admin to allow view and edit access for all areas of Demandbase. When you toggle on this option for a permission set, all other access configurations become disabled.


Default Permission Sets

To help you get started with using permission sets, Demandbase includes the following preconfigured permission sets by default:

  • Admin
  • Advertising Admin
  • Advertising Read Only
  • Advertising Self Serve
  • General User
  • Home
  • Marketing
  • Personalization Admin
  • Sales

Combined Permission Sets for Users

When you assign a user to more than one permission set, Demandbase combines the permission sets and grants the user the highest access level configured for each area. The permission sets a user has been assigned to appears in the Permissions column of the Users page.


To see more details about the user and their combined permissions, click in the table row and select View Details.


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