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To get started with Demandbase, you'll first need to deploy a Demandbase Tag to your company's web pages.

What is a Demandbase Tag?

A Demandbase Tag is a small block of JavaScript that you place on each page of your company’s website. It reads the IP address and cookie of each visitor and passes that information to our identification API, which determines which company the visitor works for. In this way, we're able to measure visitors' interest in your company.

The tag asynchronously loads a unique file from the cloud, which contains your specific modules and configuration. The JavaScript file, which is managed by the Demandbase team, is optimized for both download and execution speed. It is secure and automatically loaded over SSL as needed.


Here is an example of a Demandbase Tag code snippet.

Tag snippet example.png


You must have Admin privileges.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Tag Configurations > Demandbase Tag tab.
  2. Scroll down to Your Demandbase Tag and Copy the tag snippet code.
  3. Insert the Demandbase Tag on every page on your website, including microsites, landing pages, and conversion pages. Place the code snippet just before the closing body tag  </body> of each page.

Distribution Policy

Your Demandbase Tag may only be installed on the licensed domain(s) specified in your agreement with Demandbase. The Tag snippet may not be copied into an email or distributed in any method that may modify the syntax, including unforeseen modifications due to character encoding or accidental edits. Any such distribution is at the customer's own discretion and claims full responsibility of erroneous installations as a result. By deploying the Demandbase Tag to your website, you agree that your organization will be bound by the terms of the Demandbase End User License Agreement.

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