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When you've finished deploying Demandbase Tag directly on your pages or via a tag manager, issues can sometimes arise. It's important to know how to troubleshoot these issues and know when to contact your Demandbase representative to prevent gaps in service. To confirm whether your Demandbase Tag is deployed correctly, you can follow these steps in Google Chrome.


1. Navigate to one of your pages where you've set up Demandbase Tag to be deployed.

a. Right-click on the page and click Inspect in the drop-down menu to open up Chrome's Developer Tools console (Chrome DevTools).


2. Click the Elements tab, then press CTRL+F/Cmd+F to open up the search functionality (see blue box below). The goal here is to locate the Demandbase Tag in the actual HTML.

a. In the search bar, type '' and press Enter a few times until you reach a 3-line code snippet on the page similar to the one below. This code snippet should be exactly the same as the code snippet on the Settings page in the ABM Platform.
b. Access the Settings page by clicking the gear icon at the top of the Home page in the ABM Platform. If you DO NOT see this code snippet, then the deployment may not have been completed correctly. See the deployment steps for your integration for more information. 


3. After you've confirmed that Demandbase Tag is indeed in the page's HTML, confirm that the API call to Demandbase is firing properly.

a. Click the Network tab at the top of Chrome DevTools.

b. Type 'ip.json' into the search bar (see blue box below) and then identify the code that is executing from 'XXXXXXXX.min.js' in the search results, where 'X' represents any letter in the alphabet.


4. Click that particular search result and then confirm that the status code is green.

If the status is red, then the request to Demandbase's API endpoint is failing, indicating that the key you are using in your Demandbase Tag might either be invalid or expired. Contact your Demandbase representative if this is the case.

Otherwise, the API request is working correctly and Demandbase Tag is firing properly. 


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