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You can group selected Opportunities into Opportunity Lists in Demandbase. Categorizing in this way can make Opportunities more manageable–such as the ability to mark an Opportunity List as a favorite so that it’s easily retrievable. An Opportunity List is also a good way to share a group of Opportunities with another Demandbase user.


1. From the left navigation bar, go to DatabaseCropped.png Database > Opportunities > Opportunity Lists and click Create New.

2. In the Create New List window:

     a. Enter a name for the Opportunities List.

     b. Select an option in the List Type field:

  • Dynamic list: This setting allows you to set up a list in which you can select Opportunities in the Demandbase tenant. After you create a Dynamic list, it updates as Opportunities fit or don’t fit the Selector criteria that you'll establish for the list later.
  • SFDC report: If you have Salesforce integrated with Demandbase and want to create an Opportunity List from a Salesforce report, select this option to import the Opportunities from the report. Then select the report name in the Select Report drop-down menu.
  • SFDC view: If you have Salesforce integrated with Demandbase and want to create an Opportunities List from a Salesforce view, select this option to import the Opportunities from the view.
  • CSV Import: Choose this option if you want to upload a CSV file containing Opportunity IDs that match those that already exist in the Demandbase tenant. If you want to upload new Opportunities to the platform, see Import or Reimport Account or Opportunity Data from a CSV File.

     c. Select the access level in the Visibility drop-down menu:

  • Public: Visible to everyone in your company.
  • Private: Visible only to the creator of the list and any Demandbase users with an Admin role.

     d. Click Create list.

3. For new Dynamic lists only: Click Basic or Advanced on the Selectors page to define the attributes that you want to apply to the people who get added to your list. See the Selectors documentation for how to use these customizable filters to advance your ABM mission. After you finalize your Selector definitions, click Save. 


When an Opportunity List is created or imported in Demandbase, a new row of information about the list populates the table on the Opportunity Lists page.


Note the search (magnifying glass icon magnifying_glass_icon.png) functionality and filters above the table.

Use the Edit Columns button under the table to control what fields are displayed. The column fields that can be displayed in an Opportunity Lists table are:

  • Label (Opportunity List name)
  • List Type
  • Number of Members
  • Member Type
  • Created By
  • Public?
  • Created On
  • Last Updated On
  • Last Updated By
  • Member Type
  • Lead to Account Matching?
  • Notes
  • Last Accessed
  • Unique Users This Week




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