Understanding the Creative Library, Ad Groups, and Ungrouped Creatives

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The Creative Library of Demandbase Advertising provides an alternative to Step 5 of the Campaign Builder for uploading and managing creatives. Some key benefits of the Creative Library include:

  • Upload creatives without the restrictions imposed by the Campaign Builder.
  • View previews of creatives and tear sheets.
  • Organize creatives according to your campaign logic in Ad Groups and reuse them in multiple campaigns.
  • Apply labels to Ad Groups and ungrouped creatives to help with organization. 
  • Update creative file names, creative sizes, and associated landing page URLs. 
  • Archive creatives that you no longer need.

To access the Creative Library, from the left navigation bar, go to Advertising.png Advertising and click Creative Library.


For more information about uploading creatives, see


  • You can also upload and view creatives in Step 5 of the Campaign Builder, which is where you publish a campaign.
  • Uploaded creatives that you don’t add to Ad Groups are categorized as ungrouped creatives. For more information, see Ungrouped Creatives.

Ad Groups

Ad Groups help you organize and search for uploaded creatives. When you select multiple creatives to upload simultaneously, Demandbase combines them into a single Ad Group. You can select an existing Ad Group for the creatives or create a new one.

Using Ad Groups, you can:

  • Manage multiple files representing different shapes or sizes of a common creative theme used for a campaign.
  • Perform A/B testing of creatives by running different Ad Groups simultaneously in a campaign.
  • Filter the Creative Library by format type to find Ad Groups with display, native, or video creatives.
    Tip: The Creative Library shows all Ad Groups by default.   

After creating Ad Groups, you can go to Change History > Ad Groups to see a log of changes made.

Ad Group Labels and Favorites

Adding labels to Ad Groups allows you to find them more quickly in the Creative Library. Labels let you associate an Ad Group with metadata that is not included in its name. For example, you can create labels for business units, products, or time frames such as the quarter of a year.

To add labels to an Ad Group, hover over it and click the plus icon.

Ad Group Label.png

In the Label manager window that opens, you can do the following:

  • Create new labels to add to an Ad Group
  • Add existing labels to an Ad Group
  • Remove labels applied to an Ad Group

Another option for organizing Ad Groups is to favorite them. To favorite an Ad Group, click the heart icon that appears next to it.

Ad Group Favorite.png

Filter for Ad Groups

The Creative Library provides filters to help you find Ad Groups with specific creative types, statuses, or labels added.

Creative Library FIlters.png

The options available in the filters include:

  • Ad Groups Type
    • Any Ad Groups
    • Ungrouped creatives
    • Display Ad Groups
    • Video Ad Groups
    • Native Ad Groups
  • Ad Group Status
    • Any status
    • Favorite Ad Groups
    • Running in active campaigns
    • Not currently running
    • Archived
    • Any label
      Tip: The filter includes all Ad Group labels you’ve created. You can select one or more labels to find Ad Groups with those labels added.

View and Edit Creatives in Ad Groups

From the Creative Library, you can view the creatives in an Ad Group and update them and their landing page URLs. When you click an Ad Group name, the View Ad Group page opens with a summary that includes a list of campaigns that use the Ad Group. Click a campaign name to open its campaign summary on the Campaigns dashboard.

View Ad Group.png

Under the Ad Group summary is a list of all creatives in the group along with the following details for each creative:

  • Creative ID (helpful for troubleshooting)
  • Dimensions and size orientation
  • Upload date
  • Link to an image of the creative and a link to download the file
  • Landing page URL


  • Click the magnifying glass icon to find creatives using a text-string search.
  • To use a creative in more than one Ad Group, duplicate the creative and assign it a different unique name for each Ad Group.

Update a Single Ad Group Creative

To update a single creative, hover over its name and click the gear icon that appears to see the actions available. Additionally, you can click the links provided to View or Download a tear sheet.


Update Ad Group Creatives in Bulk

To update multiple creatives in an Ad Group, select the checkboxes next to their names and click Take action to see the actions available.


Important: Moving creatives running in a live campaign to a different Ad Group sets the campaign to Paused status. To restore the association after the move and restart the campaign, go to Step 5 of the Campaign Builder and select the new Ad Group for the campaign.

Ungrouped Creatives

Uploaded creatives that you don’t add to Ad Groups are categorized as ungrouped creatives. You can filter for them in the Creative Library and Step 5 of the Campaign Builder.

To view ungrouped creatives in the Creative Library, select Ungrouped creatives in the Filter by: drop-down list. Additionally, you can filter ungrouped creatives by status or label.

Ungrouped Creatives.png

View Details and Add Labels to Ungrouped Creatives

When viewing ungrouped creatives, you can see the size, placement orientation, and upload date for each creative in the table.  To see more details or to view a tear sheet for an ungrouped creative, hover over its image logo.

Similar to Ad Groups, you can add labels to ungrouped creatives. To add labels to an ungrouped creative, hover over its name, click the plus icon, and apply the label in the window that opens.


Update Ungrouped Creatives

You can update ungrouped creatives individually or in bulk. 

  • To update a single ungrouped creative, hover over its name and click the gear icon that appears to see the actions available.
  • To update ungrouped creatives in bulk, select the checkboxes next to their name and click Take action to see the actions available.


Important: Moving an ungrouped creative associated with a campaign to an Ad Group removes it from the campaign. To use the creative in the campaign, go to Step 5 of the Campaign Builder and select the new Ad Group.

In the Campaign Builder

The Creative Library is integrated with Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder. The creatives listed in the Campaign Builder mirror those in the Creative Library. A drop-down list allows you to toggle between your Ad Groups and ungrouped creatives.


You can also upload creatives to the campaign’s library and hover over the image icon for an Ad Group or ungrouped creative to see more details.

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