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The Creative Library of Demandbase Advertising provides an alternative to uploading and managing unorganized display creatives, as they were previously in Step 5 of the Campaign Builder. Some of the key benefits of the Creative Library include:

  • Creative upload capabilities without the contingencies imposed by the Campaign Builder.
  • Ad Group sorting, which organizes creatives into easily retrievable groups following your campaign logic. You can place a set of creatives in a group to be used repeatedly in multiple campaigns.
  • Editing capabilities on uploaded assets such as updating creative file names, creative sizes, and associated landing page URLs. 
  • The ability to archive uploaded creatives to declutter your storage area.
  • Easier discovery of creative placement in ads as well as insight to campaign performance of displayed creatives.

To access the Creative Library, from the left navigation bar, go to Advertising.png Advertising and click Creative Library.


Tip: You can still upload creatives and view uploaded assets in Step 5 of the Campaign Builder wizard, which is where you still need to go to publish a campaign. The Creative Library page is designed as a help alternative for managing a large set of display creatives. 

Important: Creatives uploaded before the release of the Creative Library and Ad Groups are stored in a different section of the Creative Library. See the Ungrouped Creatives.

Ad Groups

Many Demandbase users have five to seven files representing different shapes or sizes of a common creative theme that runs in an ad campaign. Because ad media planners typically have this frame of reference, Advertising supports Ad Groups. With an Ad Group, you can bunch a set of creatives into a holding place like a folder and name it something that mirrors your campaign strategy or any other factor for grouping the creatives the way you do. 

Running Ad Groups simultaneously in a campaign can serve as a form of A/B testing of your creatives. After the Ad Groups run in a campaign for a while, you can use the Advertising solution's reporting capabilities to compare your A/B Ad Groups. 

Note that when you open the Creative Library page, the Filter by: drop-down list shows Display Ad Groups by default. 

When you click Upload Creatives and select multiple creatives to upload simultaneously, the creatives are automatically combined into a single Ad Group. There are also other parts of Advertising where you can form an Ad Group or add creatives to an existing Ad Group.

Tip: See Upload Display Creatives for an overview of how to prepare for and complete your ad assets submission.

The Change History of Advertising logs changes made to Ad Groups so that you can see a list of who modified the groups and what they did.

Working with Your Ad Groups View

When you’re in the Creative Library view, you can see all of your Ad Groups in Demandbase One. But that doesn’t mean you can’t refine what Ad Groups are displayed in your view. 

If you hover over an Ad Group, you can mark it as a favorite or label it with any descriptor that you choose. With labels you can associate an Ad Group with metadata that doesn’t fit in the Ad Group name. Some examples of labels include the company business unit that’s running the ad campaign, product offered in the ad, or the quarter of the year when the campaign is running. You can also search for Ad Group names.


You can filter the Ad Groups by favorites, a label, or by a particular creative status that appears in the second drop-down list on top of the Creative Library page.


Editing Creatives and Ad Groups

A key feature of Ad Groups is the ability to change uploaded creatives and landing page URLs that are already in Demandbase One. Earlier versions of Demandbase One required you to repeat the upload process with the changed asset and replace the original one, without the ability to archive creative files that you didn’t need anymore. The Creative Library streamlines management of creative assets so that you can retire unwanted creatives and effect changes more directly.

When you click an Ad Group name on the Creative Library page, the View Ad Group page opens. A summary of the Ad Group appears on top of the page, including a list of campaigns in which the Ad Group is used. Click on a campaign name, and you’ll open a campaign summary on the Advertising dashboard.


Under the Ad Group summary, there is a listing of all creatives in the group. Each listing has these details of the creative:

  • Creative ID (helpful for troubleshooting)
  • Dimensions and size orientation
  • Date of the upload
  • Link to an image of the creative, along with a link to download the file
  • Landing page URL

Click on the magnifying glass icon magnifying_glass_icon.png to open a search field if you prefer to locate a creative by doing a text-string search.

Tip: If you want to use a creative in more than one Ad Group, duplicate the creative (described below) and assign it a unique name for each instance where it belongs to an Ad Group.

Change a Single Creative

Hover over a creative name on the View Ad Group details page and you’ll see a gear icon appear. Click the gear icon to view the list of changes that you can perform on the creative. Note that in addition to the pop-up list of actions you can perform on the creative, there are links to View and Download a tear sheet.


Change Creatives in Bulk

If you want to make the same change to more than one creative or all creatives in the Ad Group, you can take advantage of the Take action button on the View Ad Group page. Select the checkboxes for the creatives to change to activate the Take action button. When you click the button, you’ll see a list of choices.


Important: Moving creatives running in a live campaign to a different Ad Group sets the campaign to Paused status. To restore the association after the move and restart the campaign, you’ll need to return to the Campaign Builder and select the new Ad Group for the campaign in Step 5.

Ungrouped Creatives

Creatives that were uploaded to Advertising before release of the Creative Library are categorized as ungrouped creatives. You can find them in the Creative Library, as well as in Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder. 

To view creatives that aren’t assigned to Ad Groups on the Creative Library page, select Ungrouped creatives in the Filter by: drop-down list. Notice that you can further filter the ungrouped creatives by status or label.


Working with Ungrouped Creatives

When you select ungrouped creatives on the Creative Library page, you can get some information about them in the table listings (size, placement orientation, and upload date). But you can gather more details or apply labels by selecting the hotspots around the creative names.


If you need to do more with an ungrouped creative, hover over the creative name and click the gear icon that appears. A list of options enables a range of changes, including the assignment of the creative to an Ad Group.

Tip: If you want to use a creative in more than one Ad Group, duplicate the creative and assign it a unique name for each instance where it belongs to an Ad Group.

You can perform most of the same editing tasks on creatives in bulk by selecting checkboxes next to the creative names that you’re targeting and clicking Take action. A list of clickable editing options appears.

Important: We encourage putting ungrouped creatives into Ad Groups. However, if an ungrouped creative is associated with any campaigns, moving the creative to an Ad Group removes the association with the campaign. You’ll need to return to the Campaign Builder, and select the newly formed Ad Group for the campaigns in Step 5: Creatives.

In the Campaign Builder

The Creative Library is integrated with Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder. The creatives listed in the Campaign Builder mirror the inventory on the Creative Library page. A drop-down list toggles the list of creatives between those in Ad Groups and those that are ungrouped.


You can upload entire Ad Groups or ungrouped creatives to the campaign’s library.

Hover over the images icon images_icon_in_Ad_Groups_at_minimum.png by an Ad Group name to see:

  • Ad group ID (helpful for troubleshooting)
  • Number of creatives
  • Whether the Ad Group is marked as a favorite
  • In which campaigns the Ad Group is used (if any)

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