Reference: Automation Actions

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When you create an Automation, you select the tasks you want to automate from the Actions tab. The actions available depend on the member type (Account or Person) selected for the Automation. 

Action Category Available for Member Type
Add to Existing Static List Demandbase Account
Remove from Static List Demandbase Account
Add to Marketo Campaign Partner Person
Add to Outreach Sequence Partner Person
Remove from Outreach Sequence Partner Person
Add to SalesLoft Cadence Partner Person
Remove from SalesLoft Cadence Partner Person
Enroll in HubSpot Workflow Partner Person
Change Account Data CRM Account and Person
Change Person Data CRM Person
Convert Lead to Contact CRM Person
Create Salesforce Task CRM Account and Person
Add to Salesforce Campaign CRM Person
Change Status in Salesforce Campaign CRM Person
Remove from Salesforce Campaign CRM Person

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