Uploading Static Display Creatives with an Excel File

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When you upload display creatives for non-personalized display ads, you have two options available. The Creatives only option is recommended and allows you to upload creatives and landing page URLs. For more information, see Upload Display Creative.

The advanced Excel + Creatives option allows you to associate non-personalized static creatives with a spreadsheet that provides details about the creatives and the ads that you want to run.

Important: If you want to use the advanced Excel + Creatives option, email adsupport@demandbase.com for assistance.

There are two places in Demandbase Advertising where you can upload supported creatives:

Display Option.png

The example template file attached to this article includes columns for the creative details needed for the upload. These columns include:

  • Creative Name: The precise field name of the creative being uploaded. The file name in the column must be an exact match of the file name being uploaded, including the extension.
  • Landing page/click URL: The URL, including any applicable UTM parameters, where users are directed after clicking on the creative.
  • Ad Group (optional but strongly recommended): The Demandbase Ad Group to associate with the creative.

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