Configure Subscriptions for Snapshot Emails, Slack Alerts, and Reports

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Demandbase allows you to create customized report or snapshot subscriptions to send through email or Slack. You can specify who receives the subscription, the frequency, and the duration. You can filter the report to show information concerning different lists. 

For convenience, there are four ways to enter the Subscriptions workflow:

  • For any subscription: Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Subscriptions: The most generalized workflow, so you'll have to select the Subscription type (List or Personalized), Channel (Email or Slack), Report type (Report or Snapshot), and Recipients. This is also a good place to see a complete list of all the subscriptions your company has, both List and Personalized.
  • For the report you're on: Analytics2.png Analytics > Reports: Within the Create Reports workflow, so it automatically subscribes to the report you're on.
  • Personalized only: Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Auto-Create Account Lists > Configure Snapshot Subscriptions > Manage: For a Personalized subscription for the Owner Field that you're managing.
  • Your Subscriptions: Settings_N.png Settings > My Profile > My Subscriptions > Create Subscription: For a List Subscription for yourself.

Tip: Filters applied to user views are also applied to their Snapshot emails. 


Know which reports or snapshots you or your team are interested in learning about regularly.

Recipients must be set up as users of Demandbase. See Manage Users and Roles.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Subscriptions and click Create Subscription. (You can also use one of the workflow entry points described previously.)
  2. Select Single List Subscription or Personalized Subscription. (List is the only option for My Subscriptions. Personalized is the default for snapshot subscriptions.)
    • Single List Subscription: Use this option to send this report, based on the same list, to yourself or a few people.
    • Personalized Subscription: Use this option to send this report to team members so they see only the members that they own. Bonus! It automatically looks for new users added to your CRM.
  3. Enter your criteria:
    • Channel: Select Email or Slack.
    • Report: Select the report or snapshot to subscribe to. This options is not in the Reports > Subscriptions workflow, where it automatically goes to the report you're creating.
    • List (for Single List Subscription): Select the list to filter the report by.
    • Owner Type (for Personalized Subscription): Select the owner type (such as SFDC Owner, SDR Owner, TAM, Ad Campaign Strategist, Assigned Marketer) to filter the report by. Every night, Demandbase searches for new platform users that match the Owner Type field. The new users are then added to the subscription list. 
    • Users (for Single List Subscription): Search for and select the people to receive the report and click the right arrow to move them from Users to Recipients.
      Tip: Send a one-time report to yourself to verify that the subscription is working. 
    • Frequency: Select Daily, a day of the week option, or 1st of the month.
    • Start Date: Select Immediately or a specific date.
    • End Date: Select Ongoing or a specific date.
      New_Subscription_Single_List.png   New_Subscription_Personalized.png
  4. Click Save.


To verify your subscription, return to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Subscriptions and click the Send Now icon to send a one-time report.


Look for your email or Slack message at the time you requested it.

If you subscribe to multiple reports on the same day, Demandbase consolidates the reports into a digest.

Here's an example report in Slack. To view the entire report, click See Full Report


Next Steps

To manage your subscription, return to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Subscriptions, click the Edit Subscription icon, and update the subscription according to the steps provided previously.


Tip: To delete multiple subscriptions, select the checkbox next to each subscription and click Delete.


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