Create and Manage Users

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Important: The availability of some features described in this article depends on your version of Demandbase One. Contact your Demandbase Admin about the features available.


You can create users in Demandbase individually or add users in bulk.

After you create a user, you can change their permission sets, department, or user view. You can also reset the user's password if you're not set up to use Single Sign On (SSO) for log in or delete the user.

Important: You cannot change a user’s login email address after creating the user. We recommend that you delete and recreate the user using the new login email address.


You must have Admin privileges. 

Steps: Create a User

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > User Management > Users and click Create New.
  2. In the Add User window, enter the following:
    • Name: Enter the user’s full name.
    • Email: Enter the user’s email address.
    • Permissions Sets: Select one or more permission sets for the user. Add multiple permission sets by selecting each one individually from the drop-down list.
    • Department: Select the user’s department. Options include Advertising, Demand Gen, Sales, Marketing Ops, and Other.
    • View: Select the user view for the user.

  3. Click Create.

Outcome: Create a User

Demandbase sends an email to the user with login instructions and adds the user to the Users table.

Steps: Manage a User

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > User Management > Users.
  2. Right-click on the user’s Email or Name and select one of the following options:
    • Reset Password: Select to reset the user’s password. This option is available only if you’re not set up to use SSO.
    • View Details: Select to view details about the user, including their assigned permission sets.
    • Delete User: Select to delete the user.
    • Change Permission Sets: Select to add or remove permission sets assigned to the user.
    • Change Department: Select to update the user’s department.
    • Edit Profile: Select to update the user’s profile. You can change their first and last name and the version of Demandbase the user sees (Normal or Show Beta Features).
    • Change View: Select to update the user view for the user.

Outcome: Manage a User

Demandbase updates the user based on the changes you made.

Next Steps

Review the following details in the User table.

Total Usage

The Total Usage column shows the total number of clicks made in Demandbase over the past 14 days by each user. 

Authorized Email

Shows if the user authorized Demandbase to access their emails and calendar events. This option only applies if you’re not using an email service account for authorization.

Communication Sync Status

The Communication Sync Status column shows the current status for each user. Communication sync must be authorized through individual users or through an email service account. The status appears as Initial until the first sync completes.

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