Understanding the Campaigns and Domains Tabs on the Campaigns Dashboard

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The Campaigns and Domains tabs at the bottom of the Campaigns dashboard allow you to analyze the campaigns and domains mapped to the accounts included in those campaigns. See How Demandbase Targets Accounts Using Domains to learn more about domain to account mapping in Demandbase Advertising.  

Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns tab includes a table that shows metrics about ad spend, account reach, and impressions for each campaign. 


  • The campaigns you select in the table adjusts the Performance, Influence, Publishers, Creatives, and Domains tabs.
  • To add labels to a campaign, hover over its name in the table and click the plus icon. See Manage Campaign Labels.


Single Campaign View 

When you click on a campaign name in the Campaigns table, the Campaign Details page opens where the quick cards, graphs, and table only report on that campaign. In addition, a snapshot of the campaign’s main settings, budget, and ad spend appears at top of the page.

The Campaign Details page opens to the Performance tab by default. If you click the Details tab or Edit Campaign button, you can make changes to the campaign configuration. See Edit and Manage Campaigns for more information.


  • When viewing a single campaign, the URL of the page can be shared and linked to as a convenient way to communicate or record the details of the campaign.
  • Use the Current or Lifetime Audience filter or your Saved filters at the top of the page to update the information shown in the single campaign view.

Campaigns Tab Single Campaign.png

Domains Tab

The Domains tab includes KPI cards and a table that provide key campaign performance metrics for the domains or accounts associated with your selected campaigns. To use the Domains tab, select the checkboxes for the campaigns you want to see data for in the Campaigns table and click the Domains tab.

Domains KPI Cards

The top of the Domains tab shows key metrics of filtered, campaign-related activity using quick cards. The quick cards show metrics for accounts or domains depending on the selection made using the View by: toggle at the top of the Performance and Influence tabs. The quick cards summarize the following metrics for account and domain reach: 

  • Accounts/Domains reached: Number of targeted accounts or domains that received at least one ad impression from the campaign. 
  • Lifted Accounts/Domains: Number of targeted accounts or domains that had more page views on average during the selected date range as compared up to 30-days prior to the campaign. 
  • New Accounts/Domains On Site: Number of targeted accounts or domains that visited your website for the first time during the selected period as compared up to 30 days prior to the campaign.
  • Accounts/Domains clicked: Number of accounts or domains that clicked on an ad of the selected campaigns. 

Quick Cards.png

Domains Table

The Domains table lets you more closely evaluate campaign delivery and performance by viewing detailed metrics such as clicks and page views. When you hover over a Domain name entry in the table, the pop-up shows the accounts from the selected campaigns that are mapped to the corresponding entry in the Domain column. You can also see the websites listed in the account records.

unnamed (2).png

Important:  The pop-up only shows accounts associated with the domain included in the account list used for the selected campaigns. Any accounts associated with the domain that are not included in the account list would not be shown. See Reporting by Domains versus Accounts for more information. 

Reporting by Domains versus Accounts

Demandbase Advertising reports metrics that measure campaign performance by domain instead of by account. This means that the metrics shown for a domain can include data for multiple accounts associated with that domain. This differs from the areas of the ABX Platform, such as Site Analytics, that reports data for individual accounts. For more information about domain to account mapping in Advertising, see How Demandbase Targets Accounts Using Domains.  

Quick Tools

The Campaigns and Domains tabs provide quick tools to perform searches, update the information shown in the dashboard and tables, and export data. From these tabs, you can do the following:

  • Choose baseline and advanced filters at the top of the page to filter the tables. See Understanding Reporting on the Campaigns Dashboard for more information about the filters.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to search for campaigns and accounts or domains by name in the tables.
  • Click Export to export the data in the tables as a CSV file. When exporting from the Domains table, the file also includes the account name and website associated with each domain.
  • Click Edit Columns at the bottom of the table to customize the display of table columns.
    • Use the drop-down list to add a column. 
    • Click the minus icon to remove a column.
    • Click the lock icon to “freeze” a column. This forces the table to display the column on the left side regardless of scrolling actions.
    • Click and drag a column to rearrange the order of the columns.

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