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The Add to Marketo Campaign action allows you to add people from Demandbase to your Smart Campaigns in Marketo. Using Marketo Smart Campaigns, you can:

  • Start ABM email campaigns
  • Send direct mail packages using a provider such as Sendoso
  • Send email alerts
  • Send handwritten letters using a provider such as Letter Friend
  • Start or pause marketing nurturing activities
  • Change data values or program statuses


  • Marketo is integrated with Demandbase
  • Have active Marketo Campaigns set up with the Campaign is Requested trigger and the Source set to Web Services API.
    • Example of campaign setup in Marketo Classic.
    • Example of campaign setup in Marketo Sky.


  • You do not need to add members to the Marketo Smart Campaign.
  • Only Smart Campaigns set up with this configuration appear in Demandbase.


  1. Select people you want to add to a Smart Campaign and click Take Action.
  2. In the right Take Action menu, select the Partner tab and click Add to Marketo Campaign.
  3. Select the Smart Campaign you want people added to in the Campaign drop-down list and click Confirm.
    Tip: Demandbase syncs Smart Campaigns set up with the Smart List “Campaign is Requested” trigger nightly. If the Smart Campaign you are looking for is not available, click the Refresh icon.

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