Understanding Company Settings for Journeys and Opportunities

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In the Company Settings page, you can adjust various company settings. 

Important: All changes are applied immediately. 

To access the Company Settings page, from the left navigation bar, go to 123456.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Company Settings.

Comp settings.png

You can adjust the following settings:

  • Configurable Journeys Fiscal Year: Select the month you want your fiscal year to start when comparing account list journey data in the Journeys Summary page . 
  • Show Opportunity Screen in Analytics: Select if you want to show Pipeline and Revenue amounts in the Journeys Summary KPI Cards
  • Engagement Minutes Assignment Preference (for Marketo + Salesforce integrations only): Assign Engagement Minutes to either Salesforce campaigns or Marketo programs to avoid duplication. See Understanding Engagement Minute Categories and Activity Types for more information. 
  • Opportunity Configurations: Select the opportunity amount field you want to use to calculate the Pipeline and Revenue amounts in the Journeys Summary KPI Cards. See Designate Stages in Journey Builder.
    Important: Field type must be "currency". 
    • If you have the Multiple Journey feature, you can choose the amount field you want to use for each journey funnel. Each journey funnel is shown in parentheses (). For example, Opportunity Amount Field (Product A).
      Company Settings MJ.png

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