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This article provides a quick reference guide for your IT department to see the supported Microsoft Exchange versions. Learn how Demandbase syncs, what Demandbase syncs, when Demandbase syncs, and how to verify that you can sync with Demandbase.

Versions Supported:

  • Exchange Online / Office 365: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2019: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2016: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2013: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2010 SP1/SP2: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2010: Supported
  • Exchange Server 2007 SP1/SP2/SP3: Supported, but contact your AE/CSM
  • Exchange Server 2007: Not Supported

Steps to Identify Exchange Server Version

  1. Make sure to have Outlook running, then press and hold CTRL while right-clicking the Outlook icon in the notification area in the bottom right.
  2. Click Connection Status.
  3. Move the horizontal slider all the way to the right. Note the version number and compare it to the following list:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: 15.0.516.032
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: 14.0.639.21
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: 8.0.685.24 or 8.0.685.25
      Important: Exchange versions below 8.0.685.24 are not supported.

How Demandbase Syncs

Demandbase allows users to enter their Exchange credentials into the Demandbase application. Credentials are encrypted both in transit and at rest. If a user's Exchange password changes, Demandbase would need the user to re-enter their credentials.

What Demandbase Syncs

Demandbase securely stores emails and calendar meetings between users and specific target accounts. For example, if a Demandbase user was talking to a prospect (, and Sesame was a target account identified within the application, that email correspondence would be securely stored by Demandbase and made visible within the application to users at Joe’s organization. See the Exchange Overview article for options to limit email visibility within the application. 

When Demandbase Syncs

Demandbase syncs emails and calendar meetings at scheduled intervals that are determined by your Data Sync Settings for your organization.

Steps to Verify That Demandbase Can Sync

  1. Go to the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer and select Exchange Server > Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies.
  2. Enter your required credentials and account details.
  3. Click Perform Test.
    Important: The test should Succeed or Pass with Warnings. A successful test indicates Demandbase can connect. If the test did not pass, you can export the results and email them to Demandbase needs the RCATestResults.html file attached to the email.

If you additional questions, contact your account executive or email

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