Re-authenticate HubSpot CRM for Sales Activities

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Important: This article applies to customers who integrated Demandbase and Hubspot CRM prior to May 3rd, 2024. If you're integrating Demandbase and Hubspot CRM for the first time, see Integrate HubSpot CRM and Demandbase.


If you want to see HubSpot Sales activities in Demandbase and have an existing Demandbase-HubSpot CRM integration, you must re-authenticate the integration.


You must have Admin privileges in HubSpot CRM and Demandbase.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Integrated Systems > Integrations.
  2. On the Integrations page, click HubSpot
  3. Under OAuth settings, click Edit.
  4. Make sure Include CRM? is toggled on and click Re-Authenticate
    HS Reauth.png
  5. Log in to HubSpot CRM using admin credentials. 
  6. Choose Demandbase and click Choose Account.
    HS Reauth 2.png
  7. Check the agreement box and click Connect app
    HS Reauth 3.png


Sales activities from HubSpot CRM are synced to Demandbase. See Understanding Engagement Minute Categories and Activity Types for HubSpot activities you can see in Demandbase.

Important: The initial data sync may take several days depending on volume. You can monitor the progress in Demandbase at dbdb062c-a844-4c42-bbb1-dc90b76ea331 Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Data Sync. See Understanding Data Sync Status.

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