Understanding Engagement Minute Categories and Activity Types

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In Engagement Minutes page, you can customize how you measure engagement in Demandbase. Default values for Engagement Minutes are assigned out-of-the-box, but they can be modified based on your company's requirements.

Engagement Minutes settings are grouped into the following categories: 

Important: Activities for known people are matched to accounts using Lead to Account Matching. Activities for unknown people (unknown page visits and intent signals) are matched to accounts using the account domain. If there are multiple account records with the same domain, we match to the account with the highest number of contact records.

You can also set up weighting in the Engagement Minutes page. See Set Up Engagement Minute Weighting


General Activities

This category includes activities from Demandbase and your MAS such as Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot.


  • Inbound Email - After you connect Demandbase to your email client, you can assign engagement minutes on emails you receive from target accounts.
  • Meeting Attendance - After you connect Demandbase to your email client, we'll automatically pull in meetings with people at target accounts.
  • Page Visits (Anonymous) - Any web visit that matches an account Demandbase is tracking. This is not all web traffic like Google Analytics. 


  • Email Open - When someone opens an email sent with Eloqua.
  • Email Clickthrough - When someone clicks a link in an email sent with Eloqua.
  • Form Submit - When someone submits a form being tracked by Eloqua.


  • Call - Calls logged in Hubspot. 
  • Communication - External communication such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, SMS message.
  • Email Open - When someone opens an email sent with HubSpot.
  • Email Click - When someone clicks a link in an email sent with HubSpot.
  • Email Forward - An email sent with HubSpot was forwarded to someone.
  • Email Print - An email sent with HubSpot was printed.
  • Form Submit - When someone submits a form being tracked by HubSpot.
  • Meetings - Meetings logged in Hubspot.
  • Notes - Notes created in Hubspot.
  • Tasks - Tasks assigned in Hubspot. 


  • Click Email - When someone clicks a link in an email sent with Marketo.
  • Click Link - When someone clicks a link in an email sent with Marketo.
  • Fill Out Form - When someone submits a form being tracked by Marketo.
  • Marketing Open Email - When someone opens an email sent with Marketo.
  • Open Sales Email - When someone opens an email sent with Marketo Sales Insight or Outlook add-in. These are generally more customized.
  • Visit Web Page - Marketo's known page visits.


Numerous activities including: Page View, Email Open, Email Click, Registered for Webinar, Attended Webinar, Email Click (Third Party), Form Success, Event Registered, Event Checked In, Pardot Click, View File, View Form, View Landing Page, Landing Page Success, Video View, Video Conversion, Video View Watched (>75% Watched), Search, Social Post Click.

Intent Activities 

This category includes Demandbase Intent Activities and 3rd Party Intent.

Demandbase Intent Activities include Demandbase Keyword Intent, Demandbase Geo Keyword Intent, and Trending Intent. For each Intent category, you can assign Engagement Minutes to different keyword sets or keywords by intent strength.

For 3rd Party Intent, you can assign Engagement Minutes for Bombora, G2, and TrustRadius intent integrations. 

Interesting Moments (Marketo)

This category includes Interesting Moments you define in Marketo. Interesting Moments are a flexible structure for capturing Marketo activities.

  • Interesting Moments are triggered based on the conditions you set in Marketo.
  • When an Interesting Moment is triggered, we assign Engagement Minutes to it for that account.

How are Interesting Moments Grouped?

Interesting Moments are grouped by the "Description" of the Interesting Moment.

"Filled out Form" and "Attended Webinar" are grouped as "types", and the filter criteria is whatever comes after "Filled out Form".

Beyond those groupings, we split descriptions based on if they have a ":" in them. An Interesting Moment with a description of "Tradeshow: AwesomeConf 2020" would have a "type" on the left hand side of "Tradeshow" and the filterable criteria on the right-hand side would be "AwesomeConf 2020".

If there is no colon in the "Description" field and the description does not start with a default grouping, it would be in the "All Others" grouping.

The Marketo "type" field in an Interesting Moment does not come into Demandbase's weighting in Engagement Minutes.

For more information, see Marketo's documentation about Interesting Moments.

Marketo Programs

This category includes your Marketo programs and engagement minutes can be assigned based on program channels.


  • Only successes/responses in these programs count toward engagement.
  • You can't add a program until a success has occurred.

Microsoft Dynamics Activities

This category includes the following activities in Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Dynamics Appointment
  • Dynamics Email
  • Dynamics Meeting
  • Dynamics Phone Call

Microsoft Dynamics Campaigns

This category includes Dynamics campaigns with at least one response.

Salesforce Activities

This category includes Salesforce activities, such as phone calls, special meetings, and LinkedIn communication, that are typically manually logged by an SDR. 

Activities with leads and contacts are matched to the account in Demandbase.

See the Activities article in Salesforce for more information. 

How are Salesforce Activities Grouped? 

Activities are associated with contacts, leads, or accounts. Demandbase groups these activities based upon the "activity type" field in Salesforce. Example: Meeting, Call, Email, etc.  

Using the All Others Grouping

Salesforce Activities that can't be assigned to a group (or not part of the 30 most popular groupings), are put into the "All Others" grouping.

We recommend using the "Contains" operator to identify the activities of interest when using the “All Others” grouping. 

Salesforce Campaigns

This category includes Salesforce campaigns with at least one response. 

Avoiding Duplication

By default, if you have a Marketo program synced to a Salesforce campaign, Demandbase ignores the Salesforce campaign and only counts the Engagement Minutes for the Marketo program. Demandbase does this automatically to avoid double counting Engagement Minutes.

To assign Engagement Minutes to Salesforce campaigns instead of duplicate Marketo programs, do the following:

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Company Settings.
  2. In the Engagement Minutes Assignment Preference section, select Salesforce from the Set preferences to drop-down list.

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