March 2024 Product Update

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New Features:

Buying Groups for Demandbase Advertising Campaigns

Demandbase is excited to announce the launch of Buying Group AI. We know that groups collectively make B2B purchase decisions, yet we often track and engage leads, which are too narrow, or accounts, which are too broad. Buying Groups are just right. 

We are the first platform to adopt buying groups as a core data object that allows you to define, identify, track, engage and measure buying groups. With this first release, Demandbase admins can define a buying group, personas and buying roles based on their GTM strategy (e.g. product, business unit, geography) and then target the buying group in advertising. By targeting a buying group within Demandbase Advertising, digital marketers can effortlessly drive consistency and optimization of their programmatic ad campaigns to help reach, activate, and progress buying decisions.

We will be adding more functionality to Buying Group AI over the next year. This first release only allows for an admin to define the ideal buying group and a digital marketer to advertise to that buying group. To take advantage of this feature, you must be licensed on both the ABX platform and Demandbase Advertising. 

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People-Based Advertising Exclusions

This new feature allows campaigns to exclude specific job levels and functions, enhancing targeting precision and optimization towards reaching key individuals within organizations. By enabling users to define exclusions within the Campaign Builder, advertisers can ensure their ads are served to relevant audiences. This capability complements the existing people-based advertising approach when selecting which job levels and functions to prioritize.

Additionally, people-based advertising exclusions (and prioritizations) can now be changed on in-flight campaigns. Previously, campaigns would need to be recreated and restarted for changes to take effect.

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Automatic Score Retraining

All Pipeline Predict and Qualification Scores will now be set to automatically retrain. Previously, our customers were required to manually retrain each predictive score. Although this manual retrain is still possible, Demandbase will automatically retrain Pipeline Predict scores every 3 months and Qualification Scores every 6 months.

This new feature ensures each Pipeline Predict score is utilizing the latest and greatest behavioral patterns to predict pipeline. Additionally, this means our scores are now continuously learning, without any intervention within the Demandbase product from our customers or a Demandbase employee.

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Demandbase IP-API v3 Release

Demandbase is releasing a major update to our IP-API (our API that’s responsible for real-time account identification of our customer’s website visitors). This new API provides data consistency across our products, improves firmographic accuracy, doubles the domain coverage, and creates a new unified company ID and corporate hierarchy (parent and ultimate parent).

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Enhanced Ads Campaign and Performance Data in Data Stream

The new Campaign Creative Historical Daily Performance Rollup table for ABX/Data Stream customers enables more robust reporting and campaign performance optimization. This table will need to be processed, and the customer's technical points of contact will be notified in advance.

Field Disable Controls (Available March 28)

This new feature provides more control over which fields are ingested into the ABX platform. Admins can now deactivate a field from the ABX platform to prevent data from being ingested into it. Managing data fields improves overall platform performance and relieves quota concerns related to some of our integrations (e.g. Marketo). It also reduces the amount of fields visible in the platform, resulting in a cleaner platform experience.

Product Changes:

Improved Ad Plan Labeling

We’re introducing a new feature to facilitate your conversations about campaign funding with your Demandbase account team. Previously, when creating a campaign, you needed to choose between various remaining budgets labeled by their Quote ID. Now, you can specify a custom naming scheme, and we’ll label your budgets accordingly. Here are some examples:

  • Acme_2024Q1_APAC_CTV
  • Acme-Video-Awareness

We recommend that you use delimited metadata to make it as easy as possible, but we can use whatever scheme you specify. You can also continue using Quote ID to fund campaigns.

Finally, we’re also adding an informational hover over panel that tells you the Start Date, Quote ID, and Purchase Order ID (if it exists). So either way, you won’t lose any identifying information.

For more information, see Campaign Builder Step 2: Campaign Details.

Lead, Contact, and Account Sync Optimization (Available March 28)

We’ve improved our Salesforce lead sync functionality for both new and existing leads. New leads can now be matched and updated in the ABX platform in as little as five minutes. Changes to existing leads can be synced within six hours. The faster syncing of new leads to the platform greatly improves a seller's ability to reach out and engage with their known contacts.

For more information, see Understanding Integration Data Sync Settings

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