Understanding Demandbase Data Availability

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Demandbase One accommodates a high volume of customer data synchronization and is optimized to access this data to drive a variety of functions including analytics, orchestration, and advertising.  

The availability of data changes synced into the customer database from Data Import, Integrations, or Demandbase itself is based on an optimization schedule. Some data is made available right away after processing and some is staged via a nightly build process. This process collects all data between 4pm-6pm PT and is made available the following day by 6am PT. The exact timing can vary depending on the volume of data and can be available up to two hours earlier.

Important: For data synced from your CRM and MAS integrations, the following schedules do not take into account the sync frequencies your Admin configured on the Data Sync Settings page. The sync frequencies determine how often Demandbase checks for new or updated data and may increase the time it takes for data to be available. For example, if your Admin configured the sync frequency for Marketo Leads and Contact to be 24 hours, it could take up to 24 hours for Marketo activities to be added to the nightly build process queue. This means it could take up to 48 hours for the data to be available in Demandbase One.

Prioritized Processing

The following data is available immediately after processing:

  • New Accounts: Firmographic fields and CRM account fields are immediately available
  • Users
  • Reports
  • Lists

Nightly Build

The following data is available the day after one nightly build process:

  • Accounts: Demandbase Calculated Fields (available within Demandbase)
  • Updated Accounts: All fields
  • Contacts
  • Leads (to use within Demandbase, not Lead to Account Matching)
  • Opportunities (from CSV import or CRM)
  • Activities
  • Demandbase Intent
  • Demandbase Site Analytics
  • Journey Stage rule changes

Two Nightly Builds

The following data is available the day after two nightly build processes:

  • Demandbase Calculated Fields (Write-back to CRM, new and updated)
    • Journey Stage results if journey definitions are a function of calculated fields
  • Engagement Minute rule changes 

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