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The Designate Stages feature categorizes your Journey Stages into three milestones: MQA (Marketing Qualified Account), Pipeline, and Customer. Designated Stages are critical in Demandbase because they are used for key metrics such as Pipeline Predict scores and Pipeline and Revenue metrics.

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Important: For MQA Stage, only one Journey Stage can be designated. 

Example of Designated Stages

The following is an example of Journey Stages in Designated Stages:

Designate Stage Criteria Journey Stage(s) to Assign
MQA Accounts that are MQA If you don’t have a Stage named MQA, select the equivalent Stage.
Pipeline Accounts in pipeline Scoping, Pipeline Opportunity, Negotiation, and Pending Contract.
Customer Accounts that are customers Customer, Closed-Won, and Renewal-Won.

Tip:  Only Stages in MQA and after should be designated stages. Don’t designate stages that are at the top of the funnel.


You must have Demandbase Admin privileges.

Complete setting up Journey Stages. See Edit and Publish Account Journey Stages.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings > Journey > Account Journey Builder and click Designate Stages.
  2. Hover over a journey funnel, click the settings icon, and click Designate Stages.
    designate stages1.png
  3. Use the drop-down menus to add Stages to each of the three designated Stages. You can also remove Stages by clicking the X.
  4. Click Save.


The Account Journey Builder page shows your designations after the Stage name. For example, see (MQA), (Pipeline), and (Customer) in the following screenshot:


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