Understanding Demandbase Advertising

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Demandbase Advertising lets you target your ad campaigns to account lists as well as to more granularly reach buying groups within accounts. Demandbase One ingests signals from CRM and marketing automation systems throughout the account funnel. Our Advertising solution facilitates the creation of ad campaigns that align with your Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies. You can track your campaign spend’s influence on actual revenue, making the contributions of all revenue teams to the business much more visible.

Demandbase offers two campaign-building versions of our Advertising solution:  

Self-Serve Version

The self-serve version of Demandbase Advertising gives you direct control over the parameters and creative placement of your ad campaigns. Your company’s subscription to this service enables the + New Campaign button on the Advertising dashboard. After you click the button, the Campaign Builder guides you through the setup of a campaign.

See Get Started with Self-Serve Advertising to start building your ad campaigns.

If you’re looking for performance data of ad campaigns that you or a colleague already set up and launched, see Understanding Reporting on the Campaigns Dashboard.

ACS-Supported Version

If your subscription to Advertising includes Advertising Campaign Strategist (ACS) support from Demandbase, our team can build the campaign for you. After you know an ACS launched an ad campaign for your company, you can go straight to campaign reporting without completing the campaign setup steps. See Understanding Reporting on the Campaigns Dashboard to learn more about the many metrics available there.

Some companies have the self-serve version of Demandbase Advertising and have also arranged for ACS support. In this case, you can opt to take a hybrid approach when you plan and build a campaign.

Access the Advertising Dashboard

You access Advertising the same way for both versions of the product. From left navigation bar, go to  Advertising.png Advertising.

Here is an example of how the dashboard looks after some campaigns have been launched: 

Understanding Demandbase Advertising.png

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