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To maximize your advertising budget and protect your brand, it’s crucial to reach the actual buyers in your target accounts with relevant ads on brand-safe sites. Demandbase Advertising helps you run ad campaigns to accomplish this piece of your Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategy.

With self-serve Advertising you can:

  • Build and launch your advertising campaigns.
  • Manage and optimize campaigns in real time.
  • Adjust creative, landing pages, and other targeting parameters.

Tip: To help you plan and run ad campaigns in Demandbase, fill out the Advertising Media Planning Template. You can obtain this resource from your Demandbase Customer Success Manager or other contact.


  1. Review Planning a Campaign with the Advertising Cloud Playbook to plan and implement your targeting strategy.
  2. Review Create Account Lists for an Advertising Campaigns.
  3. Review Build an Advertising Campaign.
  4. Gauge and fine-tune your campaign by following the principles in Measuring the Results of an Advertising Campaign.

Important: Have support questions about self-serve Advertising? The standard customer-service level agreement applies to self-serve only customers. See Demandbase ABM Platform Availability and Support Services terms to learn more.

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