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Bombora Intent is based on entire topics, instead of Demandbase’s calculation from individual keywords. Bombora has the advantage of doing the hard work of figuring out what the many keywords are in that topic, but Demandbase Intent shows more detail and offers you fine-grained control over which keywords prompt Intent signals.

Important: Using Bombora Intent in Demandbase requires a separate, paid license. The free edition in Demandbase was phased out. Contact Bombora if you’re interested in subscribing to a paid license. If you already have a Bombora license and don’t see the Bombora interface in Demandbase, reach out to your account team to get it turned on.

If you’re not sure which product to use for Intent, we recommend starting with Demandbase because it’s based on much more data. Here’s a comparison of the two products (based on March 2023 data):

Bombora Demandbase

Data is sourced from content co-ops
direct relationship with publisher required

Data is sourced from the bidstream;
source can be any site where ads are displayed 

16.2 billion interactions per month
4,000 sites monitored
12,000+ Intent topics

Over 1 trillion interactions per month
3 million sites monitored
400,000+ intent keywords

Updated weekly only

Weekly updates + real-time trending

No historical data

One year of historical data populated within one week of adding new keywords

Only includes "surging" intent

Includes both "trending intent" and total intent strength (volume) for each keyword from each account

With a paid Bombora subscription, you receive the benefits of the integration for all of your known accounts in Demandbase and up to 2,000 topics.

For Demandbase, the top in-market accounts are based on the number of surging topics per account. Each week the accounts in Demandbase with the most surging topics will have those Intent data activities pushed to Demandbase automatically through the integration on Saturday evenings.

For existing Bombora customers who have already selected their topics in Bombora, there is also the ability to manually import Intent data topics.


You must have Admin privileges in Demandbase.

Intent is fundamental to your ABM success, so it's best to set it up very early on. You should have at least these basics set to see meaningful results:


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Intent Data > Bombora Intent Topics tab.
  2. Select Intent Topics to add or click Import CSV File.
    Include the names of the topics you want to import (you do not need to include a column header). Importing a list of topics overrides any previously selected topics.
    Tip: To receive intent for a specific account list instead of all accounts, select it from the Choose Account List drop-down list.



After you select the relevant intent topics, Demandbase and Bombora sync weekly to integrate the third-party intent data with Demandbase's first-party engagement data on an ongoing basis. 

Next Steps

You must ensure that the 3rd Party Intent section of the Engagement Minutes settings page has the keywords that you want and a non-zero value in the Minutes field. An Intent Activity that has 0 Engagement Minutes won't be represented accurately in the Demandbase platform. See Set Up Engagement Minutes for more information.

You can use Selectors to access intent data through the Intent Surge Activity Type. To filter out specific intent activities, use Add Constraint. See Working with Selectors.Bombora_Intent_Surge.png

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