How the Google G-Suite (Gmail) - Demandbase Sync Works

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Demandbase users are asked to authenticate with G Suite. This allows access to emails and calendar events so Demandbase can combine this data, along with other relevant data from CRM and Marketing Automation Systems, to present a full account activity log to the marketing and sales teams. This provides visibility to email communications across various account stakeholders.

Sync Details

The following flowchart shows how Demandbase syncs with Google emails and calendar events.


Email Credentials

Users can connect their Google account to Demandbase by providing access permissions. Once users authenticate, Demandbase can pull email history from the last 6 months.

Tip: Users that do not want Demandbase to access their email and calendar can set up a username and password login that does not authenticate to Demandbase using Google.

Engagement Minutes

Once users authenticate their accounts with G Suite, Demandbase starts tracking emails and calendar events and applies the activities to Engagement Minutes.

To see how your Engagement Minutes are set up, from the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Engagement Minutes.


Communication History

Users can access an account's Communication History from Demandbase or the Demandbase for Sales browser extension. The Communication History is a log of all emails and meetings between your company and a target account. 

This is helpful to align relevant account stakeholders such as sales, customer success, and marketing to better understand all of the interactions with your target accounts.

To see an account's Communication History in Demandbase, from the left navigation bar, go to Analytics2.png Analytics, select the Account from the drop-down list, and select Communication History.


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