Understanding Action History

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The Action History page includes two sub-tabs that allow Admins to view status information after users Take Action with accounts and people.

To access the Action History page, from the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > History > Action History. You must have Administrative privileges to access this page.


Job Status

The Job status sub-tab shows a list of Take Action jobs along with the following information. A job is a group of actions taken at one time. For example, if a user selects the Take Action option to add three people to a SalesLoft Cadence, the sub-tab would include one job entry for the group of actions taken.

  •  Executed Time
  •  Action Taken By
  •  # People or Accounts
  •  Status
  •  Status Detail

Action Status

The Action status sub-tab shows the following information for the actions on the accounts or people selected:

  • Executed Time
  • Action Type
  • Person
  • Email
  • Account
  • Action Detail
  • Status
  • Action Taken By
  • Status Detail


  • If you attempt to Take Action, but it doesn't work, review the specific failure reasons by viewing the information in the Status Detail column.
  • To see a comprehensive list of all Actions using the Take Action option against all people and accounts for a given time period, click the Action Status tab above the table and filter by Date Range. Each row contains a specific record and the action taken against that record.

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