Set Up Engagement Minute Weighting

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You can assign Weighting of Engagement Minutes based on account or people data. You can also add fields for your personas or other account and people fields and assign weighting percentages to them.

For each field value, you'll assign a weighting percentage as the multiplier for the original Engagement Minutes. For example, assigning a weighting percentage of 200% for anyone in a CXO role results in their activities receiving twice the amount of Engagement Minutes. Assigning a percentage of 50% for a particular field value results in half the amount of Engagement Minutes.

Assigning a weighing percentage of 0% results in no Engagement Minutes for the activities recorded. This means the activities do not appear in the Analytics section because they didn't contribute to engagement. However, the activities do appear in the Database section. You can use this approach to filter out people or accounts that you don't want to record engagement for, such as students, interns, or sales disqualified accounts.

When an account or person qualifies for several criteria, the weighting is multiplied. For example, if CMO=300% and Tier 1 Account=200%, then a CMO from a Tier 1 Account earns x600% the Engagement Minutes.


Read Understanding Department and Role Mapping.

You must have Admin privileges.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Engagement Minutes.
  2. From the Choose Category drop-down list, select Weighting.
  3. In the Field column, add the field that you want to apply weighting to.
    Tip: To remove a field, click the x icon at the end of the row and click Delete in the confirmation message window.
  4. In the Operator column, select one of the following options:
    • Any Value: Assigns weighting to the field regardless of value.
    • Is or Is not: Includes or excludes specific field values from weighting.
    • Contains or Does not contain: Includes or excludes multiple field values from weighting.
  5. In the Values column, add the criteria to determine if weighing is applied to the field. This option is not available if you selected Any Value in the Operator column.
  6. Click Save.

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