Deploy Demandbase Tag with Adobe Launch

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This article describes how to deploy the Demandbase Tag using Adobe Launch. A Demandbase Tag is a small block of JavaScript that you place on each page of your website that is unique to your account. Make sure the tag appears on all pages, including any ad landing pages, microsites, or marketing automation system (MAS) pages.


To begin the process log into Adobe Launch and select the desired property.

Step 1: Create a Rule

Launch is a rule-based system. It looks for user interaction and associated data. When the criteria outlined in your rules are met, the rule triggers the extension, script, or client-side code you identified.

1.1 Navigate to the Rules tab and click Add Rule.



Step 2: Configure the Rule and the Event

2.1 We recommend naming the rule Demandbase Tag.


2.2 Add and configure the Event.


The event is what you want the rule to look for. This is defined by choosing an event, any applicable conditions, and any exceptions.

2.3 Choose the Event Type as Page Bottom.


2.4 Determine in what order you would like to fire the event.


Demandbase recommends that you fire the event as early as possible in order to allow the tag to load as soon as possible.

  • Order of execution is order of numbers. 1 comes before 3. 3 comes before 10. 10 comes before 100, etc.
  • Rules that have the same order run in no particular order.
  • Rules are fired in order, but do not necessarily finish in the same order. If Rule A and Rule B share an event, and you assign order so that Rule A comes first, then if Rule A does something asynchronously, there's no guarantee that Rule A finishes before Rule B starts.
    If you want it to run later, give it a number higher than 50. For more information about ordering, see Rule ordering .

2.5 Click Keep Changes.

Step 3: Set the Conditions

Narrow the event by configuring any conditions that must be true for an event to trigger the rule. An exception is defined as a NOT condition. Multiple conditions are joined by an AND.

Demandbase recommends having the tag appear on all pages, including any ad landing pages, microsites, or marketing automation system (MAS) pages. Depending upon how your environments are set up these conditions may differ. We recommend working with a subject matter expert on your end to determine how to enable these conditions. Our standard conditions are described below.

More information about Rules and Conditions can be found here.


3.1 Set the Logic Type to Regular.

3.2 Set the Condition Type to Path Without Query String.

3.3 In the path equals field enter .*

3.4 Toggle on Regex.

3.5 Click Keep Changes.

Step 4: Set the Action

4.1 Click Add next to actions.



4.2 Set the Action Type to Custom Code.

4.3 Make sure "JavaScript" is selected then click Open Editor.

4.4 If you haven't already done so then obtain the Demandbase Tag by following the instructions located here.

4.5 Paste the JavaScript tag into the editor. Be sure to remove the beginning <script> and trailing </script> tags as seen in the screenshot below.


4.6 Click  Save then click Keep Changes.

Step 5: Publish the Rule

5.1 Publish the Rule using your companies SOPs. More information can be found here regarding publishing.

5.2 Congratulations. You've deployed the Demandbase Tag.



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