March 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

Advertising - Campaign Labels

Within Demandbase Advertising, we have enabled the ability to easily label, or "tag", campaigns using our label manager tool. This feature will not only allow for better organization, it will also provide our customers with a quicker method to select campaigns they wish to see performance on.

See Adding Campaign Labels to Campaigns.

ABX - Enhanced Role-based Dashboards: Account and People Dashboards

We’ve enhanced our role-based dashboards to now include customizability for single account and single person dashboards. This will allow customers to more finely-tune relevant info in a consistent manner for the Sales and Marketing users in their organization so that they can take the appropriate actions on those pages.

In addition, we are excited to introduce real-time preview capabilities which helps users see how each dashboard section will look as they make changes to the Dashboard Settings.

See Configure Settings for Role-Based Customizable Dashboards.

ABX - Custom Code Support for Site Customization

In our December 2022 product update, we released self-serve publishing for Site Customization. This month we are extending that functionality to customers with custom code configurations in their Demandbase tag. This allows those customers to publish personalized website experiences themselves, no longer having to rely on Demandbase support to push an experience live. The process to create a personalized experience remains the same but when the user clicks Activate, the experience will automatically publish in most cases between 10 min - 1 hour, but could take up to 24 hours depending on the complexity of the experience.

ABX - Top Accounts in Snapshots 

Based on a variety of signals such as web page visits, intent, and engagement, Demandbase can now identify your top five accounts from each account list, and deliver it to your inbox via Snapshot Emails. 

This makes it easy for sellers to see which accounts are ready for outreach and are most likely to turn into pipeline.

See Understanding Snapshots, Slack Alerts, Reports, and Subscriptions.

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