Re-authenticate Salesforce Integration

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If you integrate Salesforce using the Connect using a Password method, you may need to periodically re-authenticate your Salesforce credentials. Salesforce passwords expire every 90 days by default. See the Salesforce Password Policy in Salesforce for more information. 

We recommend you set up a notification for Salesforce integration errors. See Set Up System Notifications for instructions. 


  • Important: As a best practice, we highly recommend that you create a dedicated Salesforce API user profile that Demandbase can use to synchronize with Salesforce via the Salesforce API. This practice makes it much easier to manage authentication credentials in the event that the integration Salesforce user leaves the company or changes roles. 
  • You must have Admin privileges within your Salesforce and Demandbase environments.
  • Ensure you have the Salesforce integration user login credentials and access to the email account connected to the integration user Salesforce account. 

Steps: Retrieve the Demandbase Consumer Secret from Salesforce

  1. Log in to Salesforce as the integration user.
  2. Retrieve the Demandbase Consumer Secret.
    • Salesforce Classic:
      • Click Setup at the top right of the page. 
      • Starting from the left panel, go to Build > Create > Apps > click the word Demandbase ABM (not Edit or Manage.) 
    • Salesforce Lightning:
      • Click the Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_10.57.30_AM.pngSetup icon at the top right of the page.  
      • Starting from the left panel, go to Apps > App ManagerDemandbase ABM row. 
      • Scroll to the right and click on the downward arrow > View.
  3. In the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section, click Manage Consumer Details
  4. Copy the Consumer Secret and save it for the Re-authenticate Salesforce Integration in Demandbase steps.

Steps: Retrieve the Integration User Security Token from Salesforce

  1. Click on the User Name (Salesforce Classic) or User Profile Picture (Salesforce Lightning) at the top right of the page. 
  2. Click on My Settings (Salesforce Classic) or Settings (Salesforce Lightning.) 
  3. Starting from the left panel, go to Personal > Reset My Security Token.
  4. Click Reset Security Token.
  5. Copy and save the Security Token from the email account connected to the Salesforce account. You need the Security Token for the Re-authenticate Salesforce Integration in Demandbase steps.

Steps: Re-authenticate Salesforce Integration in Demandbase 

Important: Completely log out of Salesforce, ensuring every window and tab is fully logged out. 

  1. Log in to Demandbase (
  2. In the left navigation bar, go to unnamed__4_.png Settings Integrated Systems > Integrations.
  3. Click on Salesforce
  4. Enter the Salesforce Consumer Secret, Username, Password, and Security Token
  5. Click Re-Authenticate.
  6. After successful re-authentication, Demandbase starts to verify permissions for required and optional Salesforce objects. If permission for a required object can’t be verified, check the permissions of the corresponding Salesforce instance. For more information on permissions, see Best Practices: Salesforce Permissions.

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