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The Account Domain Report page is an Admin tool that helps you ensure the lead records from your integrated CRM or MAS are mapped to correct website domains. While the lead to account matching algorithm usually matches leads to the correct domain “of record,” the matching process occasionally encounters problems. When errors occur, you can use the Account Domain Report to ensure lead and contact information along with their account activities are aligned with the businesses, or specific business units, that you want to reach.

In other words, you come to the Account Domain Report page to see how and why people that you’re marketing to aren’t associated with the targeted account or aren’t associated with a domain at all–and then remedy the mismatch problem. You can use the Account Domain Report when you notice mismatches as you work in CRM or Demandbase because the following situations arise:

  • When you integrate or sync with CRM, Demandbase generates a mismatch message.
  • If you use an MAS like Marketo and see that a person is matched with a domain that doesn’t logically match the company or organization name of the account.
  • In Demandbase Analytics, you review the People in an account and notice that the email domain for a lead or contact doesn’t match the domain of the account.

Tip: To learn more about how Demandbase matches leads to CRM- or MAS-integrated accounts, see Understanding Lead to Account Domain Mapping and Understanding Lead to Account Matching.


You must have Demandbase Admin privileges or be assigned the required permissions to work in the Account Domain Report page.

Open the Account Domain Report

To access the page, from the left navigation bar, go to  Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings > Lead Matching > Account Domain Report.


How to Read the Account Domain Report

Tip: Consider grouping the accounts that you want to inspect into an account list to retrieve all variations of the account name in the Account Domain Report. You can enter or select an account list at the top right of the page.


The Account Domain Report displays the following table columns by default. To add or remove columns, click Edit Columns under the table.

  • Account Name: Name of an account in your Demandbase, CRM, or MAS records. Sometimes there will be multiple instances of the same Account Name, but they aren’t really treated as the same account. For example, the Account Name of two or more rows can be identical, but the Account ID column that can be added to the table displays different IDs for the same Account Name.
  • Domain: The domain matched to one or more leads for the account.
  • Domain Match Description: Indicates the source or reason for the domain match of an account.
  • Domain is Enabled: Check mark in this column means Demandbase recognizes a domain for an account. Note that the color of the check mark is significant:
    • Gray check mark: No domains are associated with the account. 
    • Green check mark: A valid domain is associated with the account.


Steps: Assign Domains to Accounts

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings  > Lead Matching > Account Domain Report.
  2. Add a domain to accounts:
    a. Select the checkboxes for the accounts to be assigned the domain.
    b. Select Add Domain from the Include Domain drop-down list.
    Enter the domain in the Bulk Action Confirmation window and click Add.

The new account row(s) with the domain that you entered appear in the table.

Steps: Undo Domain Mapping to Accounts

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings > Lead Matching > Account Domain Report.
  2. 2. Remove the domain association with the account:
    a. Select the account checkbox.
    b. Select Exclude Domain in the Include Domain drop-down list.
    Click OK in the Bulk Action Confirmation window.

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