June 2022 Product Update

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New Features:

ABX Cloud - Net New Account Lists

Net new accounts are accounts that are sourced by Demandbase and not in a customer’s CRM. Think of them as greenfield accounts that help increase a customer’s total addressable market (TAM). There are three ways an account may be surfaced as a net new account:

  • Accounts with web activity on the client's website
  • Accounts with intent on a specific keyword set
  • Accounts with a Qualification Score >75

The qualification score criteria is a new criteria being released this month. Additionally, we are releasing three new out-of-the-box net new account lists:

  • Net New Accounts with High Qualification Score
  • Net New accounts with High Intent
  • Net New accounts with High Engagement

Customers can use these lists to identify and prioritize accounts to target that are not part of their CRM.  These new out-of-the-box net new account lists can be accessed by going to Database > Accounts > Account Lists and selecting Demandbase from the List Type drop-down list.

See Demandbase Pre-Built Account Lists.

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