Integrate Qualified with Demandbase

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Qualified is a real-time collaboration platform for sales and marketing teams to communicate using live chat, voice calls, and chatbots. The solution is available to companies that use Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Integrating Qualified with Demandbase can help drive engagement with the most important accounts by customizing the buying experience to what your prospects and customers want. The integration allows you to connect with your target accounts directly on your website. Using reverse IP lookup technology of Demandbase, you can use Qualified to do the following:

  • Quickly alert your sales team to target accounts on your website
  • Create specific custom experiences for those visitors 
  • Gather more information about what those visitors are looking for on your site

The integration enables these capabilities by creating visitor fields in Qualified that pull in additional information from your matching Demandbase target accounts.‍


You must have a paid Qualified license.

You must have Admin privileges in Demandbase.


  1. Use the Demandbase Account Connector to set up the Qualified integration. For instructions, see Set Up Demandbase to Send Data to an Integration: Account Connector
  2. Follow the instructions from the Qualified documentation to continue setting up the integration.
    If you have issues setting up the integration, contact your Qualified CSM.


Demandbase fields supplement the information available for conversations driven by Qualified visitor fields. Importing the information in this way also allows you to sync Demandbase data with your Salesforce leads as they are created.

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