Take Action: Convert Leads to Contacts in Salesforce

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The Convert Lead to Contact action allows you to convert matched Leads to Contacts in Salesforce directly from Demandbase. This action converts Salesforce Lead records matched to an Account to Contact records attached to that Account. See Understanding Lead to Account Matching.

Important: Salesforce prevents actions from being taken on more than 100 people at a time. The limit only applies to the Take Action functionality. If you have the Orchestration solution, you can use Automations without this limitation.


Demandbase Salesforce Integration


  1. Select Leads to convert to Contacts and click Take Action.
  2. In the right Take Action menu, select the CRM tab and click Convert Lead to Contact.
  3. From the Assigned Contact Owner drop-down list, select the Salesforce account owner to associate with the Contacts.
  4. From the Converted Status drop-down list, select the status to assign to the converted Contacts.
  5. Select the Notifications check box to email the Salesforce account owner about converted Contacts.
  6. Click Confirm.

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